Some of the things
I Don't Know.
Do you?

Things I don’t know or would like more documentation on -

1.        Image of 1834 McClure land settlement with McGee (McKee) Haywood County, NC

2.        What is the truth to the rumored Cherokee connection?

3.        Famous relatives and how they relate to my family:
    a.        Doug McClure
    b.        June Carter Cash
    c.        Alvis Edgar "Buck" Owens
    d.        Clyde "Red" Foley
    e.        Earl Scruggs

4.        Land records for
Thomas McClure, Haywood/Buncombe County, NC 1810-1820. Anything in Union County, GA?

5.        Documentation for
Before our Andrew McClure
    In 1790 there is an Andrew McClure on PA Muster Rolls 1776-1783 listed in 1778 Washington County, as a Private

Andrew McClure Revolutionary War Records

7.        McClure’s landed in Philadelphia on one of William Penn’s sponsored ships, a ship's manifest showing McClure’s landing few years prior to
        1700  would be nice.

8.        Record of
Andrew's Birth.  How do we know his birth date?

9.        Where were John and Margaret McClure in 1880 census, in Colorado? I have 1870, If land patent records I have for a John in CO are the right
    guy, why would he be buried S of Pueblo if his 160 acres was NE of Denver?

10.       I would love to find
John McClure’s death certificate, wife, Margaret Gribble. Are there marriage records?

John Alexander (E.) civil war pension records – have index card. Files in Town Co GA?

12.       Any notes in 1890 Military Vets Census (union Vets/widows) for JV Reece and John S. Daniel?

John S. Daniel civil war records, have pension apps but NOT file (TN 2nd Inf, Irish Reg, Smiths 5th Cofed Inf, Co F)
      I need to Revisit Application for more clues.
      His CW grave marker incorrect.  I wrote notes to FAG memorial C. Garland #30362513 – both headstone and incorrect CW marker – no joy.
    I wrote to Jerry Hood who only showed incorrect CW marker #110991583 – no reply. See John S. Daniel page then call David Friedly at 706-
    745-2750 (Union County Historical Soc, sent me) DOB 10-14-1832 DOD 02-08-1925 Who is James S. P. Daniel on CW marker (right years)?
    FB messaged him January 2016. NA

14.    Still kind of bugs me that I cannot validate the statement that America's family first surfaced in an 1870 Census for Fannin County, GA.
    America (daughter) says she was born in Tennessee

15.     Look up War of Regulation 1765-1771 Carolina, near Indians.  Do I have a connection? Possible Andrew McClure - SC or Johan V. Reece -

16.     Did Elisha Townsend desert in the Civil War? (26 y.o.) enlisted August 5, 1864, mustered in Sept 26, 1864, Deserted Jan 18, 1865.  

Things I don't know or would like more documentation on -

-        If Johann Valentine Reece died in Trade TN and is buried on Modock Rd in Reece Cemetery, could his father Johan Jacob Ries be
    there too? His memorial on FAG 100860645 says unknown. Where did death date on FAG come from for Johann Valentine Felty Reece? April
    16, 1814

-        Re: Johann Valentine Reece
Oath of Allegiance per Pennsylvania Archives, he took oath in 1777 Possible DAR
    (let Cynthia Plott Duke know) Check DAR notes file – Reece

-        Do I have a wedding date/year (documentation) for
Anthony & Sallie Reece?

-        Where is Anthony or Sarah “Sallie” Reece buried?  If Anthony is on 1870 Mortality schedule was there a death certificate? N/A –
    she died 1851-1959

-        There is a discrepancy on
Daniel Reece son, Jeremiah.  Says born 1834 but shows 2 boys on 1830 census. Why?

-        Do I have a wedding date/year (documentation) for Daniel & Susannah Reece?

-        Where did headstone get
Rev. J. V Reece’s birthdate? Death cert says January 1, 1843, not October 13, 1843

-        Note signature of Rev. JV A Reece on son Joseph Andrews
WWI Draft Card

-        Images I would like to find:
    Jacob Reece, son of Valentine by Ruby Coleman
    Reese 1895 Memoirs
    inventory (at death) of possessions of Jacob Ries (1773) I have transcript

-        WATCH FOR MARRIAGE DOC FOR WHITE GREEN REECE & MARTHA (Son of my Daniel) d: 04 JAN 1926
    buried Billingham WA, Bayview Cemebery (check tree) per Barbara Phillips)

-        JV Reece’s hot air balloon??

-        Check Johann Valentine Reece Tennessee Wills and Probate Records 1779-2008 Tennessee USA Valentine Reece

-         Barbara Reece Phillips says Daniel Reece is buried in Arkansas and Susannah in Texas, but Daniel was 81 years old
       and in Haywood County in 1880 – per census. My notes say it is not him.

*******           Only a few questions regarding  Texana 'Anna' Sharp Reece (1876-1919)                                                                                ******

    Where is her death certificate or mortality schedule?
    Is there a bastardy bond?
    Is Texana possibly from Crusoe?

    Where did she marry Caswell?There are Gretna Greens in (among others)  Surry, Mt. Airy, Roan (in SW TN), Floyd, GA and Rome
    (White County TN)

    Uncle Alvin says Caswell and Texana did not marry in Clay or Haywood County, probably NC, definitely married Dec 1897 (speculated
    from BD of first child)  1900 census says married 1893. Wrote multiple registrars. NA

    Glenda Deaver9.fbk (gcdb53 on says Texana died in Haywood County NC and was married East Flat Rock, Henderson,
    Co, NC  (which became Transylvania Co in 1861) I emailed her. No answer/ Wrote a letter to Transylviania County Historical Society 10-5-

    DNA says her mother was most likely Mary Ann Sharpe. If she was born in 1876, would Charles have been her twin?  If born in 1877 per
    census then not a twin, but there is a 'gap' between several of Mary Ann Sharpe Paxton's children between 1876 and 1879.