Zeb Vance Reece
Tracking our Ancestor
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Column headings for all census years can be found here.
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Column headings for all census years can be found here.
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My grandfather Zeb Vance Reece was born on April 7, 1902 (per NC birth index) in Haywood County, NC. He died
He married
Vallie Jane McClure on September 7, 1924 in Brasstown, Clay County, NC (per marriage certificate).
She was the daughter of
Henry McClure and America Daniel and she was born on July 29, 1900 in Towns County,
GA. She died on May 7, 1973 in Lodi, OH
(See her page here or in the McClure Family History Book - Heroes and
Farmers - available at

His lineage is: Caswell Gaston Reece, Rev. John Valentine Reece, Daniel Reece, Anthony Reece, Johann Valentine
Reece, and Johan Jacob Ries
The April 1910 East Fork Township, Haywood County NC Census lists his father Gaston C (39), his mother Anna
T (30), and the children- May (15), Carl E (13), Perl (10)
Vance Z (8), Hellen (4), and Louis V (1 9/12).  It says
the house was on Main River Road-Middle Section. Some of the ages are a little off, but the names and order of
birth are correct. They have been married 16 years.  Texana has now born 6 children and all are living.  He is
listed as a general farmer working on his own account.  He can read and write. Son, Carl/Edwin, is listed as a
laborer on a home farm and can read, but not write. Gennie May, Carl/Edwin, Pearl and Zeb/Vance are all in
school. Zeb is on line 63.
On the January 6, 1920 Census a 49 year old widowed Caswell lives in Union County, GA, in the Gum Log
District.  In the house are 17 year old
Zeb, 8 year old Inez, 6 year old Montie and 3 year old Dow.  No wife is
listed.  Lewis is not shown either; he should be 10 or 11. This census was taken shortly before Cass married
Rosa in Pigeon, Haywood County, NC on 29 JAN 1920.  Zeb is on line 54.
I found Zeb and his family on line 29 of the 1930 Census for Coventry Township (Part G), Summit County,
Ohio, taken in April.  It shows Zeb V (28), Vannie J (30) Alvin D (4 11/12), Lucille (3 11/12), Vance H (1 3/12)
living in the Cottage Grove Allotment on Brookside Road.  They are renting for $15 (a month) and Zeb is
employed as a laborer at a Rubber Factory.  It says they were ages 22 and 24 when they were first married,
so they have been married 6 years.  According to son, Alvin, he has been working at Firestone for two years
at this time.
In the 1940 Census we find the family, starting on Line 3, living at 1542 Woods Road in Akron, Summit
County, Ohio.  They are renting the house for $15 and do not live on a farm.  Vallie is designated as the
person giving the answers to the Census questions.  From this census we learn that Zeb is now 38 and
Vallie is 39 (her birthday is after the census). Zeb is employed as a cement mixer in a rubber shop and
school. The other interesting thing we learn is that Zeb only went to school as far as the 6th grade and
Vallie as far as the 4th grade.
All of Zeb and Vallie’s children who were born in Ohio, were born at home; the last two on Woods Road
overlooking the Akron Airport after they returned from North Carolina once the strike at the Rubber
plant was over.

About Zeb and Vallie – From me - grand daughter, Norma Stamp:

out on Manchester road several times.  The driveway was short but seemed very steep to me.  I
remember riding in his big black car.  It had yellow roof liner with black holes in it. That was my
impression anyway.  As we were told not to move once we got in.  I do not know where we were going
but suspect it may have been a funeral.

I remember an apple orchard out back and Grampa talking about shooting crows.

I remember he had big hands.

After I moved out of my momma’s house, Grampa went to live with her for a while.

"When I was 16 I was building tires at Firestone in 1944 and 1945 while working at Firestone with Dad. I
started out as a supplier to the women who built tires and then became a spare tire builder. They called
him Smoky and me 'Little Smoky' because Dad always talked about the Great Smoky Mountains in NC. "

(According to both son Vance and Alvin) Zeb and Vallie were in a car accident in their Ford on the way
home to Portage Lakes and were going up a hill by the school; a passing car clipped the left rear
bumper and rolled the car into a field.  This happened about 1933 and the L shaped scar by his mouth
is visible in later photos like this one --
And another story from son Vance -

When we came back up to Ohio from NC after the depression I got up early one morning and slide down
the drainpipe and  took off to see the circus.  

Well when mom and dad got up they looked all over for me but could not find me. They checked with
everyone but no one had seen me.  They got so worried as half of the day had passed and I had not
cowboy back in those days).  He had me on his horse Tony.  

The police told me that my mother and father were worried about me and that I should not do anything
like that again.  They took me home but that was not the end of it mom and dad were very happy to see
me but I also got a good spanking for doing such a thing.  Hope you enjoy.
From his oldest son, Alvin D. Reece:

Alvin was born on April 16, 1925, in Clay County, NC, just west of Hayesville a mile or so. Where the
current Route 64 was placed - it used to be his Aunt Birdie's pasture field - the double-yellow lines go
right across the spot where the two bedroom new-lumber house once stood, where he was born.  

He says Grandfather Reece had a farm just south of Warne, NC [Brasstown Township of Clay County]
with land in NC and GA.  
He did not know the name of the person with the farm that grandfather had
land with divided between GA and NC by a barbwire fence.

They lived a house just inside GA and went to school in NC at Warne before moving to a spot just out of
Hayesville, near his birthplace.  

When Alvin was 2 year old, his dad (Zeb) went to work at Firestone in Akron, OH.  Starting in 1927, he
worked there for 38 years. All of the other 8 children in the family were born in Ohio.  For part of Alvin’s
sixth grade year and half of his seventh grade year of school Vallie and the children lived in NC.  It was
during the year- long strike at the Firestone Company.  My dad stayed in Ohio with his foreman.

Alvin also tells the story of a time when he was visiting on his Grampa Henry (McClure)’s farm when he
was somewhere in the neighborhood of 3 to 5 years old.  He tried to find the little men in his grandpa’s
bee hives and got a severe bee sting for his adventure.  

There are still relatives in the area. In fact Uncle Mont's family has the farm area now.
According to my mother, Alice:

A family story about Zeb says that he had a big overcoat and used to sell moonshine from its many
pockets.  Must have been during prohibition – and would have been a way for an enterprising young
man to make some extra money for his family.
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Photos of Zeb - and family
1925 Vallie is pregnant - probably with Alvin
ca. 1928 - Zeb's car
Zeb, Vallie and Alvin
ca 1928 - one of my favorite pix.  
She sure did like those fancy shoes!  
According to the obituary printed in the Akron Beacon Journal, Zeb died in a hospital in Mansfield, Ohio on a Sunday.  He
worked for Firestone Rubber Company for 38 years and retired from there
(more in Stories and Pictures on this part of his
. He was a member of the Akron Baptist Temple.

Lozier's son,

I remember he was diabetic when he got older and had to watch his diet. I think that his diabetes in the end is what led to
his death, He had several amputations before that happened.  He was pretty tough.
Wedding Day for Zeb and Vallie.

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Children Vallie Jane McClure and Zeb Vance Reece:

  1. Alvin Dillard Reeceb: 16 APR 1925, Hayesville, Clay County, NC; m: Doris Marie Harris (b: 26 SEP 1928, Upper
    Sandusky, Wyandot, County, OH, daughter of Halden Harold Harris (d: 1993) and Marceta E Davis (d: 2003) on 21 OCT
    1950 in Athens, OH
  2. Lucille Reeceb: 05 MAR 1927, Akron, OH; d: 14 MAY 1998, Charlotte, NC (buried in Evergreen Cemetery, Belmont
    NC); m#1__ Bodine (d:_); m#2: Russell George Batton, WV (b: 14 APR 1903; d: 14 MAY 1998 (son of William Batton
    and Elizabeth Gaines (Per marriage license application) Buried Charlotte, NC on 26 MAR 1960 in Barberton, OH
  3. Vance Henry Reeceb: 17 DEC 1928, Akron, OH; m: Eleanor Giuriceo (daughter of Nicholas and Mary Giuriceo) on 09
    SEP 1951 (b: 14 MAY 1927, Bronx, NY; d: 30 JUN 2015 (per obituary)
  4. Clifford Daniel Reeceb: 16 SEP 1930, Akron, OH; d: 03 AUG 2012 (cremated-per obituary); m: Dorothy Belle on 06
    AUG 1960 (b: 03 MAR 1930, IN; d: 29 MAR 2010 (cremated); Both inurned Western Reserve Cemetery for Veterans in
    Medina County, Rittman, OH
  5. Janice Marie Reece b: 18 APR 1932, Akron, OH; d: 06 MAR 2015 (cremated- per obituary); m: George Emerson on
    09 SEP 1951 (b: 09 AUG 1928; d: 20 JUL 2007), divorced 06 JAN 1977, both inurned Burbank OH
  6. Nellie Ann Reece b: 20 MAY 1940, Akron, OH; m#1: Fred Hackman (son of Ralph Hackman and Helen Dierdorf) on 15
    APR 1959 in Akron, OH (Vallie signed the marriage license application); m#2: __Parker
  7. Beulah Jane Reeceb: 19 SEPT 1933, Akron, OH; d: 11 MAR 2015 (buried Lozier Family Cemetery (Pedigo Cemetery)
    Bugtussle, KY) (per obituary); m: Albert Lozier on 21 SEP 1951 (b: 17 MAR 1933; d: 29 JUL 2011) (see also findagrave
  8. Alice Mae Reeceb: 28 JAN 1935, 18 W. Archwood Ave, Akron, OH (per birth certificate); d: 17 JAN 2016 (per death
    certificate)(buried with Bobbie in Jefferson Memorial Gardens, Hoover, AL); m#1: Richard Minch (b: 21 APR 1930; d: 23
    APR 2016) on 20 JUN 1954 in Washington DC, divorced July 1963, Monroe FL; inurned in AJ Horton Memorial Veterans
    Cemetery, Suffolk VA Cemetery; m#2: Bobbie Canada on 05 JUL 1977 (per marriage certificate) (b: 25 JUL 1936; d: 10
    DEC 1990)
  9. Vivien Lee Reece b: 10 JUN 1941, Akron, OH; d: 01 FEB 2004, Candler, NC (per obit in Ashville Citizen Times); m#1:
    Larry Neitz (b: 14 JAN 1936) on 20 JUL 1963 in Akron, OH (per marriage certificate); m#2: Ray Wright

    Unverified twin to Vivian. Gregory Lee Reece per Ancestry.com
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Zeb ca 1933
Easter 1929
Heard tell that this is Zeb and his
brother, Mont, drinking moonshine...
Zeb raking hay
Zeb and brother, Mont, all dressed up
Zeb on the tractor
An old damaged but
worth keeping photo of
Vallie and Zeb
I’m not really sure where he was or what was happening, but these two are very funny photos of Zeb!
Zeb was a hunter too!

Brother in law,
Chastain is 2nd from
L. Zeb on far right. ->
Taken on daughter, Beulah Jane's front porch in Lodi OH
There are more photos on Vallie's page!

HERE too!
On the front porch - pretty sure this is the house on Manchester Rd, Akron, OH
guy in North Carolina.  He served as a Confederate military officer in the American Civil War, became the 37th and
43rd Governor of North Carolina, and a U.S. Senator. He was a prolific writer and became one of the most influential
Southern leaders of the Civil War and post-bellum periods.

There was also a ship that launched Dec 6, 1941 named the USS Zebulon B. Vance.