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I discovered a photo that I believe is Daisy, Vallie, Georgia and Sarah McClure (sisters) that was taken at Neel Gap,
Blairsville, GA ca 1922-1924.  
Taken on top of the mountain all ways to be reminded and never forgotten.
    I received this picture as part of a wonderful batch from my Aunt Vivian's daughter, Wanda Graves.  It took a lot of
    emails and web searching to determine the when and where of this picture. According to the Union County
    Historical Society website:

    …In 1922 road construction began on a road to run from Cleveland, Georgia, to the North Carolina border.  The
    road was finished in 1926.  It was Union County’s first paved road and ran between Blood Mountain (on the west)
    and Levelland Mountain (to the east) through Blairsville...  

    I emailed the photograph to the Union County Historical Society and they wrote me back telling me that they had a
    parade and that it was a very big deal.  
More to the story of this photograph:
    Neel(s) Gap also was known as Frogtown Gap, Frogtown Pass and Walisai-yi (means ‘great frog’ in Cherokee)
    The Gap is about 12 miles S on 129 from Blairsville, GA and about 16 miles South of Gum Log and is a stop
    along the Appalachian Trail hiking route.

    I did a little research on the area and found some great photos of the Gap. Including this old postcard image.
    Vallie looked different in just about every photo I find.  While I remember her best like the formal picture shown at
    the start of this story.  She appears in the earlier photos as a dark haired girl with a strong face.  As a young
    woman, she was stylish in her hairstyle and seemed to really like those fancy shoes.  
Vallie with husband, Zeb. ca. 1925
She is expecting
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Both of these photos were taken at a
1927 McClure family reunion.  
ca. 1928 with daughter Lucille.
1929 (Easter)
1941 Vallie (*) with daughter Alice)
Vallie (*) and girls ca. 1938
* I am still not convinced this is Vallie, but relatives have identified this as her.
These photos are from a trip Vallie took to see her son Vance in New York in the spring of 1954. The child is Vance, Jr.
Vallie bore and raised 9 children and was a hard working lady.  Some of the pictures are not flattering, but they are a part
of who she was.  I include them ‘warts and all’ in this story about her. (Dates are unknown at this time.)
Taken after 1952 at Manchester Road farm.
I do not know when this very cool photo was taken, but she is not wearing glasses yet. And she may be pregnant, possibly
with Alice (1935). But this is just a guess. My mother looked so much like her when I saw this picture it was kind of eerie.
She had her silly side as well! (I have a few of Zeb cutting loose too!)
I don’t think anyone noticed she was
sticking her tongue out in this family

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Doris (son, Alvin's, wife) holding baby,
her husband Zeb
Alvin's daughter, Marsha (dark hair)
Alice (?) and her daughter Marsha
The adult hidden on the right is a man
and I do not know the children's names.
Vallie and one of her sister's playing.
This is one of my favorite photos of my grandparents.  It was taken in front of their house on Manchester Road (somewhere
between 1952 and 1964).
and another one taken same place, same time frame:
The photo border says May 1971. This picture was taken on daughter,
Jane's front porch in West Salem, OH.
I'm not sure what years, but here are
some birthday pictures!
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    1937, Nov.11th - "Neal Gap" - Clubhouse mentioned in Caption refers to the old wooden structure that the
    Vogel Land Company built for Company management, workers and visitors. The Clubhouse was where the
    Walasi-Yi Inn is today. The road is Hwy 19/129 going south to Cleveland and Dahlonega. Union County GA
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Vallie in the middle and 2 of her sisters.
I remember seeing that 'look' on her and
my mother's face. Taken June 1966-67