Texana Sharpe Reece
Texana "Anna" Sharpe was my great grandmother.  She was born on April 28, 1876 and died on April 23,
1919 (
according to headstone) .Her headstone gives her name as simply 'Texana Sharpe'. I have been
unable to locate a
death certificate for her with the only info I have is a family story that says she died
"near Blairsville". Her grave is in
Pine Log Cemetery, Clay County, GA next to her husband Caswell
Gaston Reece. She was his first wife and mother to 11 children.
Ok, so here is what I know so far (per her headstone):

Texana Reece
    Born: April 28, 1876 (I believe it is 1877-per census records)
    Died: April 23, 1919; buried in Pine Log, Clay County, NC with Caswell Reece
    She was only 42-43 years old when she died.
    That’s about it.

Issues I have with that information:

  • She may have been born April 28, 1876 (or 1877 per 1890 census) POSSIBLY in Haywood County
    (or Buncombe? per gcdb53 on Ancestry-possibly sourced from R. Medford’s proven incorrect info)
    However, the Sharp Family lived in Haywood County.

  • Family stories say she died near Blairsville, Union County, GA – or Clay County NC???- which was
    where her last child, Willma, was born).

  • Glenda Deaver9.fbk (gcdb53 on ancestry.com) says she died in Haywood County NC and was
    married East Flat Rock, Henderson, Co, NC (which became Transylvania Co in 1861) I emailed her.
    No answer. Also messaged Glenda Deaver Brown on Facebook, tried ‘friending’ her 11.16.16

  • Uncle Alvin says Caswell and Texana did not marry in Clay or Haywood County, probably NC. I have
    been researching Gretna Greens since she was very young.

  • Note:  I have written to the Transylvania County Registrar of Deeds, Henderson County Registrar
    and Clay County (2016). They said No records available.

  • North Carolina Archives told me that there is no record of her death, under various spellings,
    despite the fact that she is buried in Pine Log Cemetery, Clay County NC.

  • I believe the headstone is a year off, it happens frequently..

She married Caswell Gaston Reece - most likely After April 26 and before June 9 of 1893.
Per 1900 and 1910 census records. No record of marriage certificate. She would have been about 16
years old.
QUESTION: Wouldn’t someone have had to sign for her? I tried to learn about Gretna Greens.

The June
1900 Brasstown, Clay County, NC Census shows Caswell (29) and Tex A (23-born Apr 1877?)
living on a farm, having been married 7 years. They have had 3 children and all three are still living.  He
is listed as a farmer and can read and write.  With them are children Gennie May (Nov 1894) who is 5
years old when the Census was taken in June; Edwin who is 4 and Pearlie who is only 10 months. It says
she, and both parents, were born in North Carolina.

1910 April, East Fork Township, Haywood County NC Census lists Gaston C (39), Anna T (30-should be
33), May (15), Carl E (13), Perl (10) Vance Zeb (8), Hellen (4), and Louis V (1 9/12).  It says the house
was on Main River Road-Middle Section. Some of the ages are a little off, but the names and order of
birth are correct. They have been married 16 years.  Texana has now born 6 children and all are living.  
He is listed as a general farmer working on his own account.  He can read and write. Son, Carl/Edwin, is
listed as a laborer on a home farm and can read, but not write. Gennie May, Carl/Edwin, Pearl and Zeb
are all in school. It says she, and both parents were born in North Carolina.
Different spellings of her name I have discovered so far:
Tex Anner Sharp - NC Birth Index 1800-2000, son Zeb Nance (Vance) delayed reg. Clay Co., NC
Tex Sharp - NC Birth Index 1800-2000, son Carl delayed birth reg. Clay Co., NC
Texaner Sharp - NC Birth Index 1800-2000,
Anna T Ruce (Reece) - 1910 Census, Haywood County, NC
Naomi Anna Texana Sharpe - what has been passed along on the family trees
Where did the Naomi come from?  
Tex A.Reece - 1900 Census, Brasstown, Clay County, NC
Texan Sharp - burial notice for her son NC deaths/burials 1898-2000
Texanna Sharp - burial notice for her son Mont NC Birth Index 1800-2000
Texana Sharp - burial notice for her son Louis NC Birth Index
Texana Sharpe - her headstone
Texan Sharp - 1880 Census, Haywood County, NC
Naomia T Sharp – from Social Security Application of daughter Pearl Reece (Warren)
Naomia Texanner Charp Reece b: April 28, 1876, d: April 23, 1919 – daughter-in-law, Vallie’s, writing
Tex Sharp – on familysearch.org
Texie Sharpe/Sharp  - on familysearch.org
Texie Sharpe – on daughter Ruby Inez listing – NC Index to Delayed Birth
Texie Reece – daughter “Jenny” May / Haynes marriage record 1918
Tex Reece – son, Carl, marriage
Rumor has it she was born out of wedlock then the daughter left her with her grandparents. Family stories
also say she died in childbirth or from the
Flu Epidemic of 1918-19. Both of which are possible and may be

In looking for some early record of her, I did locate a family living in Haywood County, NC that fit the bill.  
Per the
1880 Census Haywood County NC,  David is 50 years old; his wife, Annie, is 57. Son, William E,  is
still at home at is 19, Sarah is now 17 (will be 18 in July). Living with them is a granddaughter,
Texan, who
is ‘2’ (or 3) and born in North Carolina.

I am fairly certain I have the right family. David and Annie's children - Mary J, James R., Louisa C and
Ephraim were their grown children already living outside of the home. Even though the age is off, I feel
fairly certain Texan is the right little girl

This started me searching for more information on the family listed on the 1880 census

It is my belief that one of Dave and Annie’s daughters is Texana’s mother.

I am now stuck. Hence the reason for this rather convoluted page
Notes about the last child of Caswell and Texana:

    Willma Reece
    White female born on 22 APR 1919 per the NC Birth Index 1800-2000, Clay County, NC.  Born in
    Brasstown NC to Caswell Gaston Reece and Texaner Sharp. Died 23 APR 1919 during a flu

QUESTION:  If they recorded Willma’s birth, why not her death?

QUESTION: Where did her death date come from?

QUESTION: Is it possibly that they buried both Willma and Texana in the same grave?

    The law said Georgia had to keep birth/death records starting in 1919.  In reality they didn’t start until 1922 for
    death and 1928 for birth.  North Carolina began in 1910 to keep death records and 1917 to record births.
Do you see why this is so difficult?
Family stories:

I spoke to a cousin about Texana and she says the family story is that Texana was illegitimate and was
left with her grandparents, Dave and Anna Sharpe, when she was little.  So that means that one of the
daughters, Sarah, Louisa or Mary is her mother. But it does lend more weight to indicate that I have the
right family.

She thinks that one of Edward’s sons, George or Dave might have raised Texana –
not possible
because Edward was born 1851 and his sons would have been too young.  Don’t know about George –
who must have been Dave’s brother.
Texana only shows up on census as a child with Dave and Anne.

According to Cheryl Inman Haney, Granddaughter of Pearl Reece Warren, who was Caswell and Texana’
s oldest daughter, Pearl told Cheryl that her mother (Texana) looked a lot like her (Texana’s) sister. She
was reported to be petite, blonde and chubby.

I searched the Sharpe’s family tree and found lots of information, but not what I was looking for.  After
several folks cited her name, I started looking at Sarah.
I can’t find their marriage record, her birth or death record and it is said that when she died all known  
in case anyone else gets curious enough to look about with me.

I have also dropped the “Naomi” part of her name, It kept showing up with no recordable proof and
because I simply have not seen it anywhere and do not know where it came from.  I made an executive
decision to put the "Anna" in quotes, because I think that part of her name is a nickname.

I also cannot locate any documentation of her birth or death and would surely be appreciative if anyone
could come forward with this proof.  Her life has been my biggest mystery and highest brick wall.  There
is nothing about her other than she existed and bore children.  

That's not fair.
If Dave and Annie Sharp's daughter, Sarah, is Texana’s mother and something happened to her right
after her 14th birthday (which is July 1876) - say in August - that would put Texana’s birth in April of

Here is what I know about Sarah Jo Sharp.  She was born in July 1862, Haywood County, NC and died
ca 1904 Haywood County, NC.. She was married on 14 MAR 1886 to John Jackson Lee
(per marriage
record) .He was born in Nov 1857   Both are buried in Pleasant Hill Cemetery, Clyde, Haywood County,

Paul Mears says she is Texana’s mother – I emailed him but did not receive an answer
Kyle J Grant on Familysearch.org agrees, as does PamelaHall49 on Ancestry – sent messages to them

When they got married, John could not read or write (as evidenced by his Mark on the marriage license.  
I think the ages are wrong because he could not read and did not know what they wrote. He would have
been 29 when they married (not 18) and she would have been 24 (not 20).  However the rest of the
information on the certificate makes me believe it is the correct couple.
A little more about Sarah:

Children of Sarah Sharp and John J. Lee are:

1.        William Turner - b: Jan 1886; d: 29 FEB 1940 (skull fracture at work, per death cert)
2.        Orray (Ira Jayhue) – b: July 1888; d: 1969
3.        Rachel H. – b: Oct 1889; d:1938
4.        James Ruben – b: Jan 1892; d: 26 AUG 1923 (policeman-shot-31 y.o.- per
death cert)
5.        Jerry (Luther) – b: Oct 1893; d: 1968
6.        Rosa Etta – b: Oct 1896; d: 1972
? Possibly lost a child 1890-1891 or 1894-1895
8.        Texana?

1900 Ashville Buncombe County Census on line 70 we find John Lee (72) who was born November 1857
in South Carolina (as well as both his parents). He works at a cotton mill and lives in a house with a
mortgage.  He is married to Sarah (37) who was born in July 1862. They have been married 14 years and
she bore 8 children and has 7 living. Children listed in the house are:  Turner 14, Orray (Ira) who is 12,
Rachel 10, James Ruben 8, Luther Jerry 6, Rosa Etta 3. Also listed in a border (cook) Anna Jenkins who
is 16

More information on the rest of the family is found
Lonnie Dockery, who did a lot of on-the-ground searching for Texana’s death
certificate for me said:

…  There is a road that crosses Brasstown Creek and runs along Pine Log Creek which goes through
Gum Log and eventually to Blairsville; the Union County line of which Blairsville is the county seat is about
16 miles from Brasstown to Blairsville though Pine Log and then Gum Log – both of which are just
communities – not even a post office.  He wonders if they didn’t come back from Haywood County after
1910 and go back to where they were living in 1900.  If so, that would put them in Gum Log and “near

In 1920 Cass Reece lived in Gum Log (in Union County Georgia); in fact, there were just two houses
between him and my (Lonnie’s) great grandfather, John Long. One of those families, right next door to
Cass, was Alfred Erwin, an uncle to my great grandmother. The other was my g grandfather's youngest
son, Gordon Long. I know almost exactly where they would have lived. It is within a mile or so of the house
I was born in--several years later of course.

I'm betting if we find any record of Texana's death it will be in Georgia. Living in Gum Log would explain the
comment about her dying "near Blairsville". Community of Gum Log, Towns County is North of Blairsville by
about 6 miles.  It is actually closer to the border NC/GA and only about 1 mile as the crow flies.  Pine Log
Cemetery is 8 miles (by road) North.
Recent DNA results are actually pointing to another daughter of David and Annie -
Mary Ann Sharpe.

DNA evidence suggests that we are linked at closely as third cousins are Paxton's - who have a Mary
Jane/ Marie Jeanne Sharp in their tree.  

That would suggest that this is the family line because there isn't any other way that name would pop
into the mix unless it was through Texana's lineage.  See...

Mary Jane Sharp  –
b:  11 AUG 1853 in Haywood County, NC; d: 25 AUG 1919 in Haywood County, NC;
m: William James Paxton (b: 1851; d: 1899) on 16 NOV 1873. She is buried in Locust Field Cemetery,
Haywood County, NC.

Children of Mary Jane Sharp and William Paxton are:

Floyd McDowell Paxton – b: 1875; d: 1901
Charles David Paxton –
b: 16 SEP 1876; d: 21 Oct 1935
‘Mumford’ Memphis Edgar Paxton –
b: 23 NOV 1879; d: 20 MAY 1943
Emma Agnes Paxton –
b: 09 JUN 1882; d: ca. 1952
Yancy LaFate Paxton –
b: 1884; d: 1884 (lived less than 1 year)
Grover Cleveland Paxton – b: 30 APR 1886; d: 02 AUG 1974
‘Killian’ Judson Morgan Paxton –
b: 13 APR 1888; d: 05 SEP 1987  
Anna Elizabeth (Annie Belle) Paxton –
b: 10 DEC 1890; d: 03 FEB 1935
Fannie Howell Paxton –
b: 27 NOV 1892; d: 13 MAY 1976

Note: 1900 Haywood County Census says Mary had 9 children and 8 are living.

Hold your horses!!