Our Gilmer County Relatives
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This information is not in the printed copy of the family history.
    MILLIS (Milas) KILLIAN MCCLURE - Son of Reuben and Polly (Reed) McClure. Grandson of James
    McClure, and Great -grandson of Andrew McClure (1748-1815). Born 20 Dec. 1833 in North Carolina
    and died 3 April 1912 in Gilmer Co., GA, and is buried at Macedonia Baptist Church on Big Creek Road
    in Gilmer County. Millis married Sarah C. Walker. She was born 22 March 1836 in NC and died 9 Feb.
    1900. Records do not indicate if she is buried with Millas or not.

    It is said that Millis was the first McClure to move permanently to Georgia from North Carolina. The
    census gives all of his children as born in GA. In the book 'A LITTLE HISTORY OF GILMER COUNTY' by
    Lawrence L. Stanley and published in 1975 we find it mentions "McClure Mountain" and speaks of Millis
    McClure the old Pioneer as the one the mountain was named for.
    We find Millas listed as a Deacon at Old High Shoals Church which was located on High Shoals Mountain
    just across the line in Dawson County.
    The children of Millis and Sarah are, Sueanna "Sussie" McClure-born abt 1853, married Mose Weahunt,
    they had no children; John Andrew McClure-Born 9 Oct. 1858 in Gilmer Co., GA, died 1 Oct. 1932. He is
    buried at Tickanetly Church in the Bucktown Community of Gilmer Co., GA, he married Nancy Jane
    Sanford; Eliza E. McClure-Born abt. 1862; Sarah Jane "Sallie" McClure - Born abt. 1864, never married;
    James D. Reuben McClure - Born abt. 1866, buried at River Hill Baptist Church on Big Creek Rd. in
    Gilmer Co., GA, he married Rissie Anderson; William Mack C. McClure - Born abt. 1871 Married Jane
    Smith, said to be buried at Tickanetley Church; Elisha B. Harvey "Harv" McClure- Born 3 April 1873 and
    died 4 April 1930, buried at Ebenezer Church in Gilmer Co., GA, married Georgie L. Reece who is also
    buried at Ebenezer Church; Marian Lee McClure - Born abt. 1875, buried Ebenezer Church; Jasper M.
    McClure - Born abt. 1878.
    OLLIE VANDORA MCCLURE - The daughter of Thomas Asberry and Sarah Jane (Chastain) McClure
    Granddaughter of Reubin McClure, great granddaughter of James McClure , and Great-great
    granddaughter of Andrew McClure (1748-1815).  

    Born 4 May 1907 in Gilmer Co., GA, in a log cabin built by her grandfather, Reuben McClure. Ollie
    died 9 June 1998 at Waleska, GA and is buried at Refuge Baptist Church near Waleska.

    When Ollie was about three years old she was so sickly that they thought she would not live. That is
    why they made this picture of Ollie [unavailable]. But she got better and she and her parents lived in
    this log cabin until she was about three years old. They moved to Canton, GA, and stayed one
    summer working in the Textile Mill then went back to Gilmer Co. and stayed about a year or two. Her
    mother died and they moved back to Canton, GA, where she lived until her father died when she was
    about 15 years old.

    They moved to a farm in Cherokee Co. and then she married (1) John Robert Puckett and they had
    two children. Years later she married (2) Henry Hubert Chambers. They were married about 29 years
    then Hubert died. Ollie lived by herself until about 1996 when her health failed and she had to start
    staying with one of her sons living there until her death in 1998 at the age of 91 years.
    THOMAS ASBERRY MCCLURE - Youngest child of Reuben and Matilda (Rogers) McClure. Grandson
    of James McClure and Great -grandson of Andrew McClure (1748-1815).  He was born 5 March 1863
    in Macon Co., NC, and died 4 June 1922 in Cherokee Co., GA. He is buried at Indian Knoll Baptist
    Church on GA 140 east of Canton, GA.
    He came to Gilmer Co.,. GA, with his parents about 1874. He and other members had caught what was
    then called "Milk Fever" and he almost died so they left NC and came to Gilmer Co., To excape the
    "fever" so he was raised in Gilmer Co.. They lived in a log cabin his family had constructed when they
    first came to Gilmer and had moved into it before it was completed. They had to keep a big fire going
    to keep the wild animals outside.
    Thomas married 21 Feb. 1892 to Sarah Jane "Sally" Chastain, daughter of Maxwell and Martha
    Elizabeth (Davenport) Chastain. She was born 10 April 1867 and died 13 Sept. 1911 and is buried at
    Ebenezer Baptist Church in Gilmer Co., GA.
    In 1910 they moved to Canton, Georgia and stayed through the summer then moved back to Gilmer
    County. Sally died and in 1913-14 he moved his family back to Cherokee Co., GA, to work in the
    Textile plant there. After WW II was over they moved to the Indian Knoll Community to farm. Thomas
    died there in 1922 and was buried at the church there.
    Their children are William Jefferson McClure, Harley Maxwell McClure, Laura Mercillor May McClure,
    Carrie Minervy McClure, Flaura Savannah McClure, Ollie Vandora McClure, and Thomas Floyd
    WILLIAM JASPER MCCLURE - son of Reuben and Matilda (Rogers) McClure. Grandson of James
    McClure and Great -grandson of Andrew McClure (1748-1815Born in Macon Co., NC on 5 Aug. 1841
    and died in Gilmer Co., GA on 19 Aug. 1919. He married (1) Mary Jane Vaughn, daughter of Arch and
    Alice (Kirby) Vaughn. She was born 28 March 1840 and died 30 Nov. 1874 of "Milk Fever" near Franklin,
    NC. She is buried in a unmarked grave at Sugar Fork Baptist Church near Franklin, NC.
    In about 1875 William Jasper McClure loaded his possessions and three motherless children in a wagon
    pulled by steers and came to Georgia to get away from the "milk fever". His parents and his brothers and
    sisters came to Georgia at this time too for the same reason. They all settled in Gilmer Co.,GA.
    In the latter part of 1880 or 1881, William Jasper McClure married (2) Linda Rice. Linda and Jasper are
    buried side by side at the Old High Shoals Cemetery high on High Shoals Mountain above Amicalola
    Falls in Dawson Co., GA.
    William Jasper was a well known Baptist preacher in the North Georgia Mountains as he preached "the
    old time religion" in Churches all over the area up there. In 1985 there were still old timers in the area
    who could remember hearing him preach.
    Old High Shoals Church was on High Shoals Mountain in the edge of Dawson Co and was organized
    June 7, 1879. We find Jasper's listed as a Licensed Minister and a charter member. His father, Ruben
    McClure, was also listed as a Licensed Minister and him mother joined that day too as did others of his
    family. In later years we find Jasper was elected as pastor of this church and held it until his death in
    William and his first wife had three children, Joseph Wesley McClure, who went West, David McLowery
    McClure, who went west, and Alice Matilda McClure. With his second wife he also had three children,
    Mary Magdalene McClure, Martha Jane McClure, and Amanda Lucinda McClure.
    JOHN WESLEY MCCLURE - Called "Whispering John" because he had pneumonia and almost lost
    his voice so he talked in a whisper. John was the son of Reuben and Matilda (Rogers) McClure.
    Grandson of James McClure and Great -grandson of Andrew McClure (1748-1815. He was born in
    Macon Co., NC, 3 April 1850 and died in Gilmer County, Georgia, 18 March 1925. He is buried at
    High Shoals Baptist Church on High Shoals Mt. above Amicalola Falls in the edge of Dawson Co.,
    GA. John's name appears as a member of High Shoals Church on 7 Aug. 1902.
    John married Sarah Vaughn, daughter of Arch and Alice (Kirby) McClure and sister to the first wife
    of William Jasper McClure. William and John were brothers. She was born 9 April 1857 in NC. Their
    children are, Reuban Archibald "Archie" McClure, Mack Duffie McClure, John Baxter McClure, Leroy
    Napolian McClure, Fannie P. McClure, David Lowery McClure, Minnie Mae McClure, William Raleigh
    McClure, and Joseph L. McClure.