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Note:  A name with a small number beside it indicates lineage and denotes further information is available elsewhere on the Tree With Branches.  

Before our Johan Jacob Ries Tree.
Johan Jacob Riesb: 14 MAY 1729, Wurttemberg, Germany; d: Bef. JUN 1772, (Deep Creek/Yadkin County) Rowan County, NC; m: Anna Maria
Seiburren in 1745.  (
b: 1729 Wurttemberg, Germany; d: ca.1817, Rowan County, NC)
Children of Johan Jacob Ries and Anna Seiburren were:
  1. Johann Valentine Reece b: 01 MAY 1742 • Württemberger Hof, Schwabisch Hall, Baden-Württemberg, Germany d: APR 1814, Roan Creek,
    NC; m: Anna Christina Harmon
  2. Marten Reece – b: in NC; d: 1845 Buncombe County, NC
  3. Barbara Ries – b: 1745, Wurttemberg, Germany; d: Bet. 1818 - 1820, Surry County, NC; m: Frederick Shore (d: 1812)
Johann Valentine Reece2 (Johan Jacob Ries1)b:  01 MAY 1742 • Württemberger Hof, Schwabisch Hall, Baden-Württemberg, Germany d: 06 APR
1814 in Roan Creek, NC;
m: Anna Christina Harmon on 06 APR 1769 in Rowan County, NC (Source: marriage bond for Valentine and Christina--from
Kay Murphree)
(daughter of Johanne Herrmann; b: 1748; d: Ca. 1948 in Trade, Johnson County, TN)
Children of Johann Valentine Reece and Anna Christina Harmon:

  1. John Reece3b: 1770 in Wilkes County, NC; d: 02 AUG 1840 Ashe County, NC; m: Sarah Eggers (b: ca 1780; d: ca. 1852)
  2. Jacob Reece3b: 1772, Deep Creek, Watauga/Yadkin County, NC; d: 1843, Trade, Johnson County, TN; m: Hannah Silvers (daughter of Hugh
    Silvers and Joannah Green; b: 1778, Carter County or Johnson County, TN; d: 1860 Johnson County, TN)
  3. Anthony Reece3b: 03 SEP 1774, Surrey/Rowan County, NC; d: JAN 1870, Pigeon, Haywood County, NC
  4. Valentine Reece, Jr.3b: 1775 Watauga County, NC; d: 1873, Trade, Carter County, TN; m:  Joannah Eggers (b: Abt. 1787 NC)
  5. Hannah Reece – b: 14 MAR 1777, Watauga County, NC
  6. Mary Reece – b. 1778, Watauga County, NC; m: Jacob Waggoner
  7. Isaac Reece3 b: 03 DEC 1788, Wilkes County, NC; d: 01 JAN 1864 Johnson City, Washington County, TN
  8. Daniel Reece3b: 1792 Carter County, TN; d: OCT 1850, Johnson County, TN
  9. Anna Reece – b: 14 March 1777 (?)
  10. Elizabeth Reece – b: 03 AUG 1784; Watauga County, NC; d. 09 SEP 1869, Ellejay, Blount County, TN; m: James Davis II
*Three Forks church rolls mentions a child, Sarah, but I haven’t seen any mention of her anywhere else.
Anthony Reece3 (Johann Valentine2, Johan Jacob Ries1) b: 03 SEP 1774, Rowan County, NC; d: JAN 1870, Haywood County, NC; m: Sarah “Sallie”
Chambers Bet. 1794-1795 in Ashe/Watauga County, NC (daughter of James Lewis Chambers);
b: 1772 in NC; d: Bet. 1851-1859, Haywood County,
Children of Anthony Reece and Sarah "Sallie" Chambers:
  1. Enoch Reece4 b: 28 AUG 1796, NC; d: 1882 Transylvania, NC
  2. Daniel Reece4 b: 1799, Ashe County, NC; d: Aft. JUN 1880, Haywood County, NC
  3. Mary Ann “Polly” Reece – b: 1808, Ashe County, NC; m: James Mann on 23 JUN 1829, Haywood County, NC (son of William Mann and Isabelle
    Neal. James Mann is a brother to William Mann, Jr., who married Catherine Reece)
  4. Samuel L. Reece4 b: APR 1810, Ashe County, NC; d: Aft. 1901, Haywood County, NC;  m: Lucinda “Cindy” Church on 08 MAR 1834, Ashe
    County, NC (b: 1820 Ashe County, NC; d: Bef. 1899, Haywood County, NC)
  5. David R. Reece4 b: 1813, NC; d: Aft. 1889
  6. Rachel Reece4 b: MAY 1816, NC; d: Aft. 1901; m: Robert Eli Collins
  7. Sarah “Sally” Reece4b: 17 AUG 1819, NC; d: 1887, Haywood County, NC
Unverified Children -

  1. Amos – b: 1805; m: Lucinda Hudgins on 07 FEB 1828, Haywood County, NC.  
  2. Nancy – b: 1831
  3. Kenneth Amos Reece – b: 1823 New Town, Buncombe County, NC
  4. John Valentine Reece – b: 1824 New Town, Buncombe County, NC
Source: Dan Smith’s public family tree
Daniel Reece4 (Anthony Reece3, Johann Valentine Reece2, Johan Jacob Ries1)b: 1799 in Ashe County, NC; d: Aft. JUN 1880 Haywood County, NC;
m: Selia-Susannah Green (daughter of Jeremiah Green and Catherine Hagaman; b: Betw. 1809-1912 (per 1850/1860 NC census); d: Bet. 1880–1900,
Children of Daniel Reece and Selia-Susannah Green are:
  1. James Reece – b: Abt. 1829 (per 1850 Buncombe County Census); m: Polly (?)
  2. Rebecca Reece - b: 15 DEC 1829, Haywood County, NC; d: 30 DEC 1894, Clay County, MO; m: Moses Norris on 06 APR, 1847, in Haywood
    County, NC. She is buried in Shady Grove Cemetery near Kearney MO
  3. Jeremiah “Jerry” Marcus Reece5b: 15 December 1834, Big East Fork, Crusoe, Haywood County, NC; d: 12 October 1918 ; buried in Bethel
    Community Cemetery, Haywood County, NC; m: Martha Louisa Sorrells on 28 February 1861, Haywood County, NC [per Haywood County
    Marriage Licenses 1857-1914] (b: February 1831, Haywood County, NC; d: 1908)
  4. Rev. John Valentine Reece5b: 13 OCT 1843 (day is per headstone), Haywood County, NC; d: 01 JUN 1921 (per death certificate)
  5. Green William Reece5 b: 1846, NC; d: ca 1926; m: Martha Amelia Henderson
  6. Julius Reece – b: 10 DEC 1849, d: 26 AUG 1931; m: Mary Ann Shephard (1852-1937). Both buried in Masonic Cemetery.
  7. Virgil K. Reece – b: 1855 (or Virgil R.)
Rev. John Valentine Reece5 (Daniel Reece4, Anthony Reece3, Johann Valentine Reece2, Johan Jacob Ries1) – b: 13 OCT 1843, Haywood County, NC; d:
01 JUN 1921 in Transylvania, NC
(per death certificate) ; m: Nancy Lucretia Wells in 1866 (daughter of Andrew Wells and Eliza Deaver; b: 19 OCT 1844;
d: 03 OCT 1919, Clay County, NC (per death certificate) ); Both buried Pine Log Cemetery, Clay County, NC.
Children of Rev. John Valentine Reece and Nancy Lucretia Wells are:
  1. Savannah Margaret “Maggie” Reece6b: 07 SEP 1867, NC; d: 29 AUG 1942, Brevard, Transylvania, NC (information via findagrave #149274066
    and death certificate); m: Joe Bunyon “Baldie” Reece (son of Daniel H. Reece and Nancy Ann Mann; b: May 1861) ca 1881. Both buried Oak
    Grove Cemetery, Transylvania County, NC
  2. Caswell Gaston Reece6b: 13 NOV 1870, Clay County, NC; d: 13 DEC 1955, Brasstown Twp, Clay County, Warne, NC; m#1: Texana "Anna"
    Sharpe Reece (b: 28 APR 1876; d: 23 APR 1919) possibly 1893 [see 1900 census]; Both buried in Pine Log Cemetery, Clay County, NC; m#2:
    Rosa Rice on 29 JAN 1920 (b: ca. 1871) in Pigeon, Haywood County, NC; m#3: Pearlie L. Carter 31 JAN 1933 (daughter of William Carter and
    Julia Range; b: 18 APR 1910, Clay County, NC; d: 23 FEB 1999); Buried in Belleview Community Cemetery, Murphy, Cherokee County, NC)
  3. Susan “Ellen” Reece6b: 01 MAY 1873; d: 04 JAN 1940, Clay County, NC; m: (3rd cousin) Curnell “Curn” Caywood Reece on 23 DEC 1892 (Per
    Haywood County Marriage Licenses 1857-1914) (son of Jessie Franklin “Frank” Reece and Mary Elizabeth “Betsy” Invester Howell; b: 06 FEB
    1870, Haywood County, NC; d: 07 JAN 1963, Clay County, NC); Both buried Pine Log Cemetery, NC.
  4. Charles Compton “Charlie” Reece6 b: 09 JUN 1874; d: 14 OCT 1939, Clay County, NC; Buried in Pine Log Cemetery, Clay County with Spouse
    #2; m#1: Bertha T. Johnson (daughter of Samuel C. Johnson and Sarah Carolyn Brown; b: 14 JAN 1878, Clay County, NC; d: 30 APR 1904, Clay
    County NC); m#2: Eva Lou Dye (b: 14 APR 1891; d: 27 JUL 1982)
  5. Joseph Andrew “Bucket” Reece b: 10 JUN 1877, NC; d: 12 MAY 1956, Buried in Thurston County, Washington (per findagrave #104016010); m:
    Emily Masina Pless (m#1: Robert Pless; b: ca. 1884) on 25 JAN 1946 in Pierce County, WA.
  6. Ann M. Reece – b: 31 Aug 1879; d: 11 AUG 1946 (per death certificate); m: George Sharp (b: 03 MAR 1881, Haywood County, NC; d: 15 AUG
    1966, Haywood County, NC) ca. 1903
  7. James Theadore “JT” Reece6 b: 22 JUL 1888; d: 09 APR 1952, NC (per death certificate); m: Pearl Hall (b: 10 NOV 1893; d: 08 MAR 1979).
    Both are buried in Pine Log Cemetery, Clay County
  8. Julia D. Reece – b: AUG 1881; m: John Harmon Rogers (b: 15 JUL 1885; d: 04 JUL 1973) on 28 AUG 1908
  9. Dorcus Lou “Lillie” Mae Reece6 b: 01 FEB 1869; d: 24 SEP 1928, Clay County, NC; m: James Samuel ‘Jefferson’ Waldroup on 03 MAR 1895,
    Clay County, GA [per Marriage Certificate] (son of John Waldroup and Sarah McClure; b: 20 JAN 1871; d: 04 DEC 1913 per death certificate).
    Both buried in Pine Log Cemetery, Clay County, NC
Children of Caswell Reece and Texana Sharpe Reece are:
  1. Pearl T. Reeceb: 25 JUL 1898, Haywood County, NC; d: 25 JAN 2000; m: Garland Warren 04 DEC 1915 Note: (couldn’t lose this story about
    their son, Harold Mack)
  2. “Jennie” Mae Reece – b: 24 NOV 1894; d: 28 DEC 1928 (from childbirth and influenza) m: Brown Lowe Haynes
  3. Carl Edward Reece – b: 18 OCT 1896 (per family list); d: 13 MAR 1955 (mute via Scarlet Fever-Vance Reece); m: Lura Mae Davis
  4. Zeb Vance Reece7b: 07 APR 1902; d: 26 MAR 1983 Mansfield, OH; m: Vallie Jane McClure
  5. Helen L. Reeceb: 10 JUN 1905; d: 25 JUN 1967 (per Cheryl Haney) (mute via Scarlet Fever- per Vance Reece)
  6. Lewis Valentine Reece – b: 27 JUL 1908; d: 24 OCT 1976; m Zola Adams (b: 23 FEB 1920; d: 19 DEC 1996; daughter of Jesse V and Ola
    Adams) (information per findagrave)
  7. Dearlin L. Reece – b: 18 APR 1910 (per family lists)
  8. Ruby “Inez” Reece – b: 21 JAN 1911, Haywood County, NC; d: 10 MAR 2002; m: Cecil Hayes in 1933 (d:  NOV 1976, San Antonio TX)
  9. Mont Haynes Reece7b: 26 JUN 1913; d: 15 AUG 1996; m: Molly Ledford (b: 1914; d: 1997)
  10. Caswell McDowellDow” Reece – b: 20 AUG 1916; d: 24 APR 1994 m: Mable Henson (b: 15 JUN 1915; d: 07 MAY 2001); buried New Cruso
    Cemetery, Haywood County, NC
  11. Wilma Reece – b: 22 APR 1919, Clay County, NC; d: 23 APR 1919 (died same day as Texana)

Children of Caswell Reece and Pearl Carter Reece are
  1. Caswell Reece, Jr. – b: 05 APR 1936, Clay County, NC; d: 17 MAR 1995, Hall County, GA; m: Geraldine __ on 04 APR 1959 (b: 05 APR 1936; d:
    17 MAR 1995)
  2. Ruth Reece – b: 07 OCT 1938; m: Harley Beavers
  3. Ruby Reece – b: 31 OCT 1940; m: Bob Medlin
  4. Estella Reece – b: AUG 1945
  5. Cecil Allen Reece – b: 23 JAN 1932; d: 16 MAR 1932; Buried in Pine Log Cemetery, Clay County, NC
  6. Melvin Reece – b: 08 FEB 1934; d: 08 FEB 1934; Buried in Pine Log Cemetery
  7. Betty Sue Reece – b:  21 APR 1942; d: 31 AUG 1942; Buried in Pine Log Cemetery
  8. William “Willie” G. Reece – b: 02 FEB 1935; Brasstown, Clay Cty, NC (per NC Birth Index); d: 07 FEB 1935, Clay Cty, NC

NOTE: Regarding the last three children on the above list (all buried in Pine Log, Clay County) that are attributed to Caswell and Pearlie Reece:
Cecil Reece, Melvin Reece, and Betty Sue Reece.

Cecil (findagrave #40521543) would have been born before Pearl and Cas were married if the date is correct. But I found evidence that the dates on
the stone may be incorrect and should be 2 years later per
NC Birth Index. Same with Betty Sue Reece (findagrave #40521394). She and Melvin Reece
(findagrave #40521459) are not mentioned anywhere else but these memorials online. I note them so they are not forgotten.
Caswell Gaston Reece6 (Rev. John Valentine Reece5, Daniel Reece4, Anthony Reece3, Johann Valentine Reece2, Johan Jacob Ries1) b: 13 NOV
1870, Clay County, NC;
d: 13 DEC 1955 Brasstown Twp, Clay County, Warne, NC; m#1: Texana "Anna" Sharpe (b: 28 APR 1876; d: 23 APR 1919,
Near Blairsville, Union County, GA, same day as one of their children possibly during childbirth with complications from the flu epidemic) married
possibly 1893
[see 1900 census]; Both Caswell and Texana are buried in Pine Log Cemetery, Clay County, NC; m#2: Rosa Rice on 29 JAN 1920 (b: 29
FEB 1869;
d: 28 FEB 1920); m#3: Pearlie L. Carter 31 JAN 1933 (daughter of William Carter and Julia Range; b: 18 APR 1910, Clay County, NC; d: 23
FEB 1999);
Buried in Belleview Community Cemetery, Murphy, Cherokee County, NC)
Zeb Vance Reece7 (Caswell Gaston Reece6, Rev. John Valentine Reece5, Daniel Reece4, Anthony Reece3, Johann Valentine Reece2, Johan Jacob
1)b: 07 APR 1902 (per birth index); Haywood County, NC; d: 26 MAR 1983; Mansfield, OH; m: Vallie Jane McClure on 07 SEP 1924, Brasstown,
Clay County, NC (daughter of
Henry McClure and America Daniel; b: 29 JUL 1900 in Towns County, GA; d: 07 MAY 1973; Lodi, OH). Both are buried in
Greenlawn Cemetery, Perrysville, OH
Children of Zeb Reece and Vallie McClure Reece are:

  1. Alvin Dillard Reeceb: 16 APR 1925, Hayesville, Clay County, NC; m: Doris Marie Harris (b: 26 SEP 1928, Upper Sandusky, Wyandot,
    County, OH, daughter of Halden Harold Harris (d: 1993) and Marceta E Davis (d: 2003) on 21 OCT 1950 in Athens, OH
  2. Lucille Reeceb: 05 MAR 1927, Akron, OH; d: 14 MAY 1998, Charlotte, NC (buried in Evergreen Cemetery, Belmont NC); m#1__ Bodine     
    (d:_); m#2: Russell George Batton, WV (b: 14 APR 1903; d: 14 MAY 1998 (son of William Batton and Elizabeth Gaines (Per marriage license
    application; Buried Charlotte, NC on 26 MAR 1960 in Barberton, OH
  3. Vance Henry Reeceb: 17 DEC 1928, Akron, OH; m: Eleanor Giuriceo (daughter of Nicholas and Mary Giuriceo) on 09 SEP 1951 (b: 14
    MAY 1927, Bronx, NY; d: 30 JUN 2015 (per obituary)
  4. Clifford Daniel Reeceb: 16 SEP 1930, Akron, OH; d: 03 AUG 2012 (cremated-per obituary); m: Dorothy Belle on 06 AUG 1960 (b: 03 MAR
    1930, IN; d: 29 MAR 2010 (cremated); Both inurned Western Reserve Cemetery for Veterans in Medina County, Rittman, OH
  5. Janice Marie Reece b: 18 APR 1932, Akron, OH; d: 06 MAR 2015 (cremated- per obituary); m: George Emerson on 09 SEP 1951 (b: 09
    AUG 1928; d: 20 JUL 2007), divorced 06 JAN 1977, both inurned Burbank OH
  6. Nellie Ann Reece b: 20 MAY 1940, Akron, OH; m#1: Fred Hackman (son of Ralph Hackman and Helen Dierdorf) on 15 APR 1959 in Akron,
    OH (Vallie signed the marriage license application); m#2: __Parker
  7. Beulah Jane Reeceb: 19 SEPT 1933, Akron, OH; d: 11 MAR 2015 (buried Lozier Family Cemetery (Pedigo Cemetery) Bugtussle, KY) (per
    obituary); m: Albert Lozier on 21 SEP 1951 (b: 17 MAR 1933; d: 29 JUL 2011) (see also findagrave link)
  8. Alice Mae Reeceb: 28 JAN 1935, 18 W. Archwood Ave, Akron, OH (per birth certificate); d: 17 JAN 2016 (per death certificate)(buried with
    Bobbie in Jefferson Memorial Gardens, Hoover, AL); m#1: Richard Minch (b: 21 APR 1930; d: 23 APR 2016) on 20 JUN 1954 in Washington
    DC, divorced July 1963, Monroe FL; inurned in AJ Horton Memorial Veterans Cemetery, Suffolk VA Cemetery; m#2: Bobbie Canada on 05
    JUL 1977 (per marriage certificate) (b: 25 JUL 1936; d: 10 DEC 1990)
  9. Vivien Lee Reece b: 10 JUN 1941, Akron, OH; d: 01 FEB 2004, Candler, NC (per obit in Ashville Citizen Times); m#1: Larry Neitz (b: 14
    JAN 1936) on 20 JUL 1963 in Akron, OH (per marriage certificate); m#2: Ray Wright

    Unverified twin to Vivian. Gregory Lee Reece per
This lineage ends with the information provided and found on the internet, via emails or websites.  Because some of Zeb and Vallie’s children are
still living and have children, grandchildren and even great grandchildren of their own, it remains to be finished by the generations to come.  

Norma Stamp (Alice Reece Canada’s daughter)  2011-2019
Belleview, FL  34420
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