Mountains across from Old Union Cemetery in Young Harris, GA

    *There is unverified lineage preceding this ancestor. See Before OUR Andrew McClure. I have included it for your information.

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McClure Tartans
Meaning of the Name McClure
    There are many theories about what the name McClure really means.  

    I have included the most accepted and some history in another article I call the History of the Name McClure. It is certain that McClure’s are in some way connected with
    the Clan McLeod, evidenced by the fact that the oldest traditions of the family in Scotland take them back to the Isle of Skye; the traditions of Skye link together the
    McClure’s and the McLeod’s; McClure’s have always had the same motto, crest and tartan as the McLeod’s, and their right to them has never been called in question.

    Another theory is:
    Recorded in several spellings including MacClure, McLure, McCloor, and McLeur, this is a Gaelic surname of Scottish origins, also found in both Ireland and the Isle of
    Man. It derives from the pre 10th century M'Ill'uidhir, which literally translates as 'The son of Ordar's follower'. Just who this 'Ordar' was is unclear, but a reasonable
    explanation is that he was a Viking, and probably Norse, since the whole of South West Scotland, most of Eastern Ireland and the Isle of Man were one single Norse
    kingdom in the 9th and 10th centuries. Today the surname is most popular in Galloway, and has been since at least the 15th century when Johh McLur and Robert
    McClure were both arrested for murder. They were followers of the earl of Cassillis, who rebelled against the monarchy of Scotland in 1526. In fact the history of the
    McClure's has been one consistent attack on authority. As late as 1684 Elizabeth M'Cloor was banished to 'The Plantations' which meant the colonies of the West Indies
    for giving support to the rebel Clan MacGregor. This clan was outlawed by King James V1 of Scotland in 1613, and not reinstated until 1780, and then by the orders of
    King George 111rd. In America the surname achieved considerable fame through William MacClure (1763 - 1840). He is regarded as the father of American geology, and
    was largely responsible for some of the early finds of coal and iron ore, raw materials on which the country's future success was to be built.http://www.surnamedb.

    Note: Although it does not directly concern my direct lineage, I have provided a link to the book entitled The McClure Family by James Alexandre McClure,
            (1914) here. There was another interesting page I located called Emigrants from Ireland to America 1735-1743 provides some history as well.
In the Beginning:
    As an American, that is not always an easy question to answer.

    As a child.  I dutifully recited the litany I had been told by the adults whenever I asked what nationality we were.  I had been told “Irish, Dutch, German and English,” Later
    ‘a little bit of Indian’ was added.  

    In the old photos I saw of America Daniel McClure and her family – didn’t they have high chiseled cheekbones?  Sure looked Indian to me.  Back then, everyone wanted
    to be part Indian.  I looked through many places online and could not find hide nor hair of any of the names and matching ages, wives or children that would indicate our
    family (McClure or Reece) has any connection to the Cherokee Nation.  Sorry.

    I looked up the meaning of the surnames that made up my direct family line and I determined that what I was told as a child was mostly true.  On the Reece side we have
    German, English, Scotch, and Irish.  On the McClure side we have Scotch, Irish, and English.  So the litany should have been “Scotch, Irish, German and English”.
    I thought “Why re-invent the wheel?”  I could look around to see who had done some good research and use that as a starting point.  So,  I spent some time reviewing the
    family tree that had been done on Rootsweb by John Andrews at:

    I found his research to be fairly accurate. My own digging has since verified much of his research and I have made changes where I found additional documentation or
    verification. So using that tree as my basis I began to look for the stories.  Because that’s what I wanted; the lost stories and (hopefully) photos that were still around.  So I
    sent out emails to any cousin and sundry I could contact.

    I got some excellent information from Lonnie Dockery (email), and while I don’t think we share an ancestor, his past and ours coincided in Huerfano County, Colorado
    while researching John McClure (1801-1881) and I have since discovered his family (Dockery, Erwin) and ours (McClure, Reece) traveled very similar paths. We
    correspond regularly and he continues to be my ‘boots on the ground’ when I need something looked up locally.  Lonnie was very helpful and even went to the cemetery
    and took updated photos for me as well as taking side trips to some of the local courthouses in the search for documents.  I am very thankful for his assistance!

    It was the search for stories that led me to try to discover how John McClure ended up in Colorado. I spent several weeks, writing to all sorts of far-flung cousins I had
    never met, and one of whom actually came to see me! I wrote to web site contributors, libraries, mortuaries, and current land owners to see if I could unravel more of the
    mystery of gr gr gr grandfather’s travels.  A few wrote me back and helped me along the way.  See his pag for more on this intriguing tale.

    Marie Pabst Adams and her husband, Harry, drove up from South Florida to see me and bring me the Donald McClure's Disappearance and the tidal wave that took his
    life, among other items, including a photo of my great grandmother, America Ann Daniel-McClure, I had not seen anywhere else.  She has also been of invaluable help.

    Others who have contributed to my project include: Virginia Sanchez, Cindy Stevens (email), (Descendant of Mary McClure Wayman), Carolyn Newman of the Huerfano
    Historical Society  Joanne Black,who all helped with the Huerfano Colorado story and much more.  Louise Adams provided me with information on lots of different
    Colorado connections and I can’t forget to thank John Andrews for all his initial hard work and his patient email replies. Even as I write this, others are coming foreword
    with help, from the Transylvania Library to Shelley Daniel, daughter of the retired teacher who placed markers on the graves in Thomas Rogers Cemetery that allowed
    me to locate a missing ancestor and his daughter’s burial place.

    Ward McClure, one of those far-flung cousins, has been helpful with information on Andrew McClure and I really appreciate his help. He had some great copies of the
    1816 Estate Auction filled in even more information for us.

    I would love to find the land records for Thomas McClure in Haywood/Buncombe Co., NC 1810-1820 (‘both sides of Crabtree Creek’– this statement appears in Haywood
    County McClure Family Land Settlement dated 1834) I have the 1856 Land Sale  from Thomas McClure to Patton but I believe he actually lived in Union County, GA at
    the time.

    I have retyped the lineage page (that I think was the one Uncle Alvin and my mother had sent me) and added what corrections and (both verified and currently unverified)
    and new information along with documentation if I could find it.  I did the same thing with the poorly copied articles from the Heritage of Union County and Hearthstones,
    Foundations of Towns County books.  Digital is so much better! Geraldine Elmore of Tuscaloosa, AL, sent me the previously-missing entry for Andrew’s son, Thomas
    McClure (1770-1856).  I was very excited!

    I also have included some of the interesting tidbits and stories along the way. This is what I set out to do in the very beginning!  I have even found some information about
    our Gilmer County Relatives.

    I have found what appear to be McClure’s as far back at 1630 in Ireland.  In my research I have uncovered indications that Andrew and possibly his father John, may
    have taken part in the Revolutionary War.  See Before OUR Andrew McClure.

    John Alexander McClure’s Civil War documents have been scanned in and included in this collection.  I located a notation online regarding his company being involved in
    a battle in Georgia, Those websites and the tale also has its own page. I also came across scans of some very cool documentation for America Daniel McClure’s father,
    John S. Daniel, and his part in the Civil War.  He got his own story too.

    These two men, one of whom was America Daniel’s father (John S. Daniel) and the other who ended up being her father-in-law ( John A. McClure), fought on opposite
    sides of the Civil War and actually both took part in the Battle of Perrysville, KY, where John S. was wounded.

    I have identified some amazing photos of Vallie Jane McClure who married Zeb Vance Reece and their children when they were younger and included them for your

    This lineage ends with the information provided and found on the Internet, via emails or websites.  Most of Henry and America’s children are gone but because all have
    children, grandchildren and even great grandchildren of their own that are still here and thriving, it remains to be finished by the generations to come.

    Norma Stamp (Alice Reece Canada’s daughter)  
    Belleview, FL  34420   
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