The family history contained herein is about my immediate ancestors on both McClure and Reece sides
…with a few side trips to visit some interesting relatives.

McClure and Reece Family History
    When I decided to begin the project in 2011 I really didn’t have much, but thanks to my mother, Alice Reece Canada,and my uncle, Alvin Reece, I managed to get just
    enough starting materials to be dangerous and to spark my imagination.

    I spent some time reviewing the McClure family tree that had been done on Rootsweb by John Andrews at:

    I found his research to be fairly accurate. My own digging has since verified much of his research and I have made changes where I found additional documentation or
    verification. Other sources are noted along with the information found. became the go-to tree for my Reece research along with building on work done by Bob
    Jones, Andy Harris, Virginia Roper and Peggy Fuller.  I have even found a few tid bits from Katie Murphree's research. Recently I made contact with Peggy! I have high
    hopes that she can add to my findings!

    So using those trees as my basis I began to look for the stories.  Because that’s what I wanted; the lost stories and (hopefully) photos that were still around.  So I sent out
    emails to any cousin and sundry I could contact. They read as follows:
    Original email -

    This email is being sent to several family members so it will be kind of general.

    If you don't already know, I am working on the Reece and the McClure family history.  I don't want to invent the wheel as the family tree is already finely done and
    posted online.

    What I am looking for are the stories and the pictures that may be lurking about in your head, in a box in the attic, wherever.  <smile>

    I remember a stack of photos on a stage when Grampa Zeb passed away - what happened to those?  Did you get some?

    I remember a photo of America Ann that an uncle showed a young girl once and told me I favored her. Is the photo still around?

    I remember stories about famous cousins.  And have even seen evidence lurking in the family tree to support them.

    That kind of stuff.

    I would rather have a scanned and emailed (digital) copy as opposed to a xerox one.  If you cannot scan items in and if you have photos or documents and would be
    willing to share them with me, I can scan them into my computer and promise to return them in their original condition.  All I have to do is place them on the scanner,
    scan, and will return to you.  You have my promise I will respect them.

    If you have stories to share, you can email them or write me an old fashioned letter. If you need to call and don't have my number, let me know.

    Also, if you have addresses, email addresses, phone numbers, etc. for any extended family (other cousins, aunts or uncles) I would appreciate if it you could share
    those as well.

    The end plan is to post as much as I can on a web to share.  I will also be creating a CD and offering it to any family member who wants a copy - it will have
    everything that I collect on it.

    Thank you for your time!

    The emails paid off and soon I was gathering all sorts of documents and stories via email, snail mail and occasionally the telephone. I am even in touch with some of my
    extended family via Facebook.

    One of the best things that happened as a result of my letters and emails was when Wanda Graves, another grand daughter of Vallie Jane McClure, sent me a whole
    bunch of old photos.  There were a few from near the turn of the century and many from the 1920’s up through time.  I have had a lot of help identifying them and it has
    been a lot of fun!

    I ended up hunting census forms, etc, to verify I was chasing stories about the correct person. Heritage Quest, through my local library was a veritable gold mine of census
    information and the documents were very easily searched and downloaded. Speaking of help, I joined an online Genealogy Club called the Rootdiggers and gained
    access to and a host of other websites to aid me in my search.  Thank you Camdin and Jakki! I have discovered land grants, war records, estate listings,
    death certificates and more. What a wealth of information is available on the Internet and through the North Carolina and Georgia Archives!

    I also was given a large batch of papers expressing a Cherokee Connection.  I have looked and honestly cannot make the near-family connection.  Sorry Uncle Vance
    Reece, but I tried.  The closest I came was Jesse McClure (of James McClure2, Andrew McClure1) who married Nancy White who was daughter to Wolfkiller and
    Walkingstick White. I also discovered that Martha Rowland, who married Jimmy McClure (of  Timothy Mcclure4, Andrew McClure3, James McClure2, Andrew McClure1), was
    1/32 Cherokee (according to the Baker Rolls). If anyone has any closer ties they can verify, please let me know.

    The other dead end I kept running into was when I tried to tie our McClure’s or Reece’s to any of the fabled famous cousins. I combed the Internet, sent random emails,
    hunted obscure sites.  It was all to no avail.  If anyone has any further information, please share it with me.

    I wondered where Doug McClure (1935-1995) fit in.  I found quite a bit of information on regarding his immediate family, but nothing that connected our two
    branches together. I recently heard a family story that said Aunt Savannah's son, Doug, was the actor, and that he had used his mother's maiden
    name.  Unfortunately, that is not true per Wikipedia.

    Given the great family resemblance between Vance Reece (son of Zeb Reece and Vallie McClure) and Doug McClure there is most certainly a family tie, I just
    could not find it.

    Earl Scruggs was the next one I tried to hunt down. (1924 -2012). Scruggs were found in Towns and Union County, GA.  There are Scroggs and Scruggs filtered
    throughout both family trees, but I could not locate an 'Earl'.

    Buck Owens was also reputed to be a relative, but the closest I could find was Nancy Russell, daughter of Rebecca McClure3 (of William McClure, Sr.2,  Andrew McClure1),
    married an Owens.

    Valerie June Carter Cash who was buried in Bellview Cemetery,Cherokee County, NC (1929- 2003).  Her parents were Ezra Carter and Maybelle Addington.  My hunch is
    the family connection comes through Caswell Reece’s third wife, Pearl Carter.

    I was also unsuccessful finding any links to [Clyde Julian] Red Foley 1910-1968. Sorry.

    I hope this map gives you some perspective of the area our families came from. Missing from this map are Rowan and Burke Counties, which is where some of the earliest
    McClure’s were found and Gilmer county where our relatives settled. The area is down near the tip of North Carolina where it borders Georgia and Tennessee.  The state
    line wavered a bit back when the states were settling in and part of the reason things are difficult to locate is that these areas are really close in actual distance.  Some of
    the comments I have received in various emails (mostly from a fellow researcher, Lonnie Dockery) say things like:

  • Towns and Union Counties border each other in Georgia and both border North Carolina (Cherokee and Clay Counties). Hiawassee is the county seat of Towns
    and Blairsville is the county seat of Union. The Pine Log Community is four or five miles from Brasstown (which is itself just a community) was usually included in
    “Brasstown” on the census records.  

  • They are so close and the communities so intertwined that you never know where you will find the documents.

  • My [Lonnie Dockery] great grandmother lived in Union County (GA) just at the foot of the mountain where the Clay County (NC) line passed along the ridge. She is
    buried across the mountain, at Pine Log Baptist, in Clay County—but just a few miles from Towns County (GA).

  • Interestingly, Pine Log and Gum Log and Ivy log communities all sit on the state line- with Pine Log in NC and Gum Log and Ivy Log in GA.  The people there have
    always seemed just as comfortable going to one state as the other. They seem to be more of a community within themselves than a part of either state. They might
    go grocery shopping in Blairsville (Union Co. GA) and to the doctor in Murphy (Cherokee Co. NC) and when they go out to eat go to a restaurant in Hayesville (Clay
    Co. NC).

  • We [Lonnie Dockery] lived in Gum Log when I was born—but I was born in the hospital in Murphy. My great grandmother lived in Pine Log forever— I honestly
    doubt she had ever been to Blairsville, but I found her death certificate in the Georgia State Archives. She is buried at Pine Log Baptist Cemetery in NC. Until
    recently the residents of Gum Log (GA) got their mail at “Route 1, Warne, NC”—another community in Clay Co. North Carolina.

    On July 7, 2012 I paid a visit to the mountains of our ancestors -- Read the story I call Roads Traveled - July 7, 2012  to see what I learned.

    I have included a document called North Carolina 1850 Census Index that gives you a detailed look at how the counties in, at least NC, evolved and changed names.  So
    that our ancestor could have been on the same plot of land and never moved even though the census and land records could be in a different state altogether.  For

  • 1753 Rowan County was organized and created from Anson County
  • 1777 Burke County was organized and created from Rowan County
  • 1779 Rutherford County was organized and created from Burke County
  • 1791 Buncombe County was organized and created from Burke and Rutherford Counties
  • 1849 Watuaga County was organized and created from Ashe, Caldwell, Wilkes and Yancy counties.

    See what I mean? And this is just one state. I found records in Tennessee for one ancestor.
Haywood County, NC – Reece / McClure                     Clay County, NC – Reece / McClure
Towns County, GA – McClure                                        Union County, GA – Reece / McClure
Buncombe County, NC – McClure/Reece                          
    This lineage is compiled from the information provided by family members with much more found on the Internet. I have collected scans of documents and transcriptions I
    would not have been able to find if it were not for those folks.  Much of our correspondence took place via emails and we have yet to meet in person. A few rare letters

    I originally stopped my family history with my grandparents because they and their siblings were gone. I have since begun working on my mother’s generation since,
    unfortunately, many are also gone. I didn’t venture far into the lives of the living because they all have children, grandchildren and even great-grandchildren (etc)  that are
    still here and thriving. This part of the story remains to be finished by the generations to come.  

    Norma Stamp (Alice Reece Canada’s daughter)  
    Belleview, FL  34420    

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    context can be the start of poor information being shared over and over again.

    Please always attach the link to this site when you download anything.  Thank you.
Doug McClure
Vance Reece
Doug McClure