Lucille Reece Batton
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My aunt Lucille was born at home on March 5, 1927 in Akron, Ohio. I don’t know much about her other than what I can find in the
documentation that one collects along life’s path.  I would love to know how ended up in Florida, near Okeechobee, which is where I
remember visiting her when I was young. I would also like to have some cool stories and have contacted her daughter to see if I could learn
any more.  Why did all the other children have middle names and yet I cannot find hers? I will share what I find. I do have some old family
photos, which I will share once I get some permissions.

The story goes that she was married twice, once to __ Bodine. I think one of my uncles told me that Lucille went to California to be a nanny
for a doctor’s children in 1948. Then she met __Bodine, who would have been her oldest daughter, Dee’s, father. He may have been in the
service. But I haven’t found his first name as of this printing.
And in Closing
If anyone has any digital pictures or stories
they would share, I would appreciate being
able to add them to the family history.
Lucille appears in lots of group family photos through the years. Some of these are found on her Father’s (Zeb Vance Reece)
pages. But here are a few cropped ones that a linked to the full photo.
ca. 1946
Group photo ca 1959
Fr: Zeb, Vallie, Clifford, Alice
Lucille, Janice, Jane, Vivian, Nellie, Alvin
Online death records show that Lucille was living in Mecklenburg, NC and died on May 14, 1998 in Snow Camp SC. The story goes that she
Evergreen Cemetery, Belmont NC. She was 71 years old and divorced at the time. This information comes from the North Carolina State
Center for Health Statistics. Note that at her death, she was listed as being divorced, but I have not found documentation yet.

Snow Camp was evidently a historic vacation destination.,_North_Carolina

This is the memorial I found on my go-to website for this sort of information.
Note: Lucille had to have been married to Bodine between 1944 and 1956 because
documents found on say her name was Reece in 1943 and Bodine in
1951.  Marriage app to Batton says she was a widow in 1957 and its Batton
thereafter. That’s all I have.
Her second marriage was to Russell George Batton on 26 MAR 1960 in Barberton, OH. We get lots of information from the marriage
license applications. There are two. I wonder if it’s because they didn’t get married in the time allotted before the application expired.

We learn that upon the first application made for Russell and Lucille to marry, dated May 26, 1957, that Russell was 54 years old and
born on April 14. So that would make his birth year about 1903. They lived together at 3150 Cosmos St, Akron, OH.   On this application
we also learn he was born in Greenwood, WV and was a carpenter by trade. He was the son of William Earl Batton and Mary Elizabeth

At this time (1957) he had been married twice and is divorced once from the mother of his children and is currently a widower.

On this same 1957 Marriage License application Lucille is 30 years old, born on March 5th, 1927. She says on the application that she
was born in Akron, OH and is currently a housekeeper.  It lists Zeb and Vallie as her parents. And also states that she had been married
once and is currently a widowed.  No married name or information about her first husband is listed.

On the second application for a marriage license, dated January 16, 1960, Russell is now listed as 52 years old.  Which would make his
birth year 1908. I do not know why this is different.  His birthplace is also different being listed as Burned House, WV.  

Lucille is listed as 32years old, which, along with the other information, is consistent from the first license. There is no new information on
this second application concerning Lucille.
My hunch is that this is Lucille
and her oldest daughter, Denise.
ca 1950
maybe late 60s?

Her oldest daughter, Denise “Dee Dee” Bodine (Batton) who was born on July 16, 1950, in Los Angeles CA died the 22nd of January, 2001 in
Charlotte, Mecklenburg County, NC  from heart failure as a complication from Scleroderma Disease. She is interred Evergreen Cemetery,
Belmont, NC

You can visit Dee’s memorial at:
graduation picture!)