Henry and America McClure
Photo Gallery
I believe this picture of Henry, America,
Thomas and Birdie was taken ca. 1897.
He was 30, she was 24,
America and Henry's children ca 1909
(back) Georgie,
Vallie, Birdie, Tom; (front) Daisy, Sarah
America and Henry McClure ca. 1913.
Possibly pregnant with Mabel.
Post card type back - after 1924.  I believe taken ca. 1926-27

Back Row:
L to R

Henry McClure (man squatting)
Jennie McClure (Ethel McClure’s daughter)
Ethel Plott McClure (Tinker Tom McClure’s wife)
Pregnant woman holding baby (possibly Sarah McClure Burns, sister to Vallie)
Unknown baby(pregnant woman’s baby – possibly Gladys
Man in overalls(pregnant woman’s husband – possibly Carter Burns)
Vallie and baby Alvin (Dark haired woman holding child) Reece
Zeb Reece (Vallie’s husband) Tall man in cap
aith Miller (Boy with bow tie – Birdie’s son)
Boy with cap – unknown

Front row:
L to R

Savannah McClure (young girl - sister to Tom)
America McClure (lace collar)
Blanche McClure (small girl - Tinker Tom and Ethel’s daughter)
Tinker Tom McClure (man holding small girl - Jennie's father, Ethel’s husband)
Birdie McClure Evans (seated woman holding child)
Faye Evans (Blonde Child seated woman is holding)
Young girl behind seated woman – unknown (possibly Mabel, one of Vallie’s sisters)
Dow Evans (Seated man in hat –Birdie’s husband)
Chloe McClure (little girl with arms up - Jennie's sister)
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Henry and America McClure
Unknown year
Henry McClure and America Ann Daniel McClure
taken by Donnahoe Studio,
Pictures of Quality, Sylva NC
written on the back in childish
grandma is ill now.  
ca 1950-1952
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L to R:  (Unknown year)
daughter Mabel
Henry McClure
daughter Georgie
America McClure
daughter Savannah
Mabel's husband. Ham. and their infant daughter Louise
Taken at the (rented) Truett house -
shown in this
article from Clay County
in 1941
3 daughters 1966-67
Couple of ladies doing some porch
sittin' and a dog or two in the yard - r I
can't tell who it is but am pretty sure it
was taken at Henry and America's

Black dog - could be same one as in
the porch sitting photo - its the same
photo paper....
Daughter, Daisy and her husband,
Marion, in 1946
(L to R) Jolly Miller (Birdie's son),
Georgie, Birdie (holding baby Gladys)
and Vallie McClure.  
L to R -
Daisy McClure Myers
Birdie McClure Evans
Georgie McClure Hoyle

Sisters - last 60s maybe