My great grandfather, Henry Alexander McClure was born on November 25, 1867, in Young Harris, Towns County,
County, Georgia. He was the son of
John Alexander McClure and Martha Townsend. He died on July 23, 1952, in
Brasstown, Clay County, North Carolina.  He married
America Ann Daniel  (b: 14 JAN 1873; d:  11 DEC 1955) on
December 12, 1889, in Towns County, Georgia.  When they married, Henry was 22 and America was only 16.  
Tracking our Ancestor
Cutout of 1870 Towns County GA Census
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    He again shows up on the 1880 Towns County,Georgia Census on line 12.   This time more information is
    provided and they are in shown as living in Brasstown. Henry is shown as being 12, but the census was taken
    before his birthday.  Also in the home are siblings Margaret, John and Sarah.
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A fire destroyed most of the 1890 Georgia Census records, so I was unable to locate documentation for Henry and
America within the available census records of that time.
    Henry and “Merica” are found on the 1900 Towns County, GA Census on line 53 and are living in Upper
    Census was done on June 4, 1900. The column headings indicate that she bore 4 children and 3 are living.  I
    believe Etta is the child who did not live (see list of children below).  
Cutout of 1900 Towns County GA Census
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I wanted to learn more about her,
America Ann Daniel-McClure
and her parents got their own
pages.  I also share
handwritten journal and  found
evidence that her father fought in
the same battle of the Civil War as
McClure, but on opposite sides
    Henry and America and their growing family appear line 92 on the 1910 Towns County, GA Census, taken
    the west side of Young Harris toward Blairsville off Hwy. 76). They are still in Upper Brasstown.  Ages are
    consistent with the time as Thomas is now 18, Birdie is 14, Vallie is 10, and Georgia is 8, followed by Sarah
    at 2 years old. It looks like they missed writing Daisy on this one.  Henry is listed as a General Farmer.
    Thomas and Birdie are Laborers.  It says Henry can read and write and appears to read that they own the
    farm free and clear.   
Cutout of 1910 Towns County GA Census
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Henry and America appear on line 52 of the 1920 Towns County, GA Census, taken on the 28th of June, 1920.  
They now live in the Gum Log District of Towns County.  At home are:  Vallie (19), Georgia (17), Daisy (15),
Sarah (11), Mable (7), and Savannah (who is 2 and 8/12’s years old).  Daisy and Sarah are in school.
In 1930 Henry, now 62, and America (57) appear on the Brasstown Township, Clay County, North Carolina
Census on line 46. Georgia is living in the home and is 25 years old.  Faney S.  (Savannah Fannie) is also
there and is 12 years old – due to have her 13th birthday later that year.
Cutout of 1920 Towns County GA Census
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    The latest census available is 1940.  This shows Henry on line 39.  He and America are still living in
    Clay County, North Carolina.  He is 72 and she is 67.  

    There is an error that says she was born in Georgia.  Her death certificate and previous census say
    this is not correct.  

    According to the Census Form, they are living on Sudderth Wig Road in Brasstown. – there is a
    Settawig Road.
Cutout of 1940 Clay County NC Census
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    According to his daughter, Savannah:  “My daddy [Henry] was a farmer and he grew corn, wheat, and rye.  We
    always had a garden.  Mother did a lot of cooking, kept house and took care of us children.  She made all of our

    When I asked for a story about his grandfather, Alvin Reece said:  When I was [less than] 5 years of age we were
    sitting on the front porch looking over a pasture. Grandfather Henry had painted a wooden fence white that ran
    along a part of the field. He had honey bee hives that were just inside the fence. When I crawled under the fence he
    told me do not knock on the front door (of the hives) as the little men will come out and get you. That was the wrong
    thing to tell me as I promptly kicked on the front of the hives to see the little men. I was stung many times and was
    crying from the stings when they got me back outside the fence and covered me with baking soda plastering on the
    stings. I never bothered them again.  

    Grandmother always had molasses cookies for us to eat when her grandchildren were there.

    *Later I found out that America was quite the talented quilter!
Final notes:

I have more photographs of this pair than anyone else so far, but know little else about them other than what the census rolls
reveal and what I can guess from the pictures. I can’t help but wonder why there was no article written about him in one of the
Heritage Books that have been such a great source of information.

Both were folk of small stature and he always seemed to sport a great handlebar mustache.  I would cherish any stories that
would come my way.
Children of Henry and America McClure are:

  1. Thomas Henry "Tom" McClure6 b: 22 NOV 1891, Pickens County, GA; d: 02 AUG 1969, Akron, Summit County, OH;
    Buried in Rose Hill Cemetery with Mable; m#1: Ethel Plott on 16 NOV 1913, Towns County, GA (b: 07 NOV 1895, Plott
    Town, Towns County, GA; d: 29 JAN 1931, Towns County, GA, buried in Old Union Cemetery); m#2: Missouri “Mae”
    Myers in AUG 1931 (b: 05 APR 1903; d: 06 NOV 1991); Buried Antioch Baptist Church, Blairsville, GA with second
    husband Henry Brown; m#3: Mabel Young Bacher on 14 FEB 1950 (b: 22 NOV 1892; d: 1973).
  2. Etta McClure – b: 13 DEC 1893, Towns County, GA; d: 04 JAN 1894
  3. Birdie McClure – b: 26 APR 1895; d: 08 MAR 1989; Buried at Pine Log Cemetery; m#1: Hezekiah Miller; m#2: Dow
    Evans. These two had an article in the Heritage of Union County book.
  4. Vallie Jane McClureb: 29 JUL 1900, Young Harris, Towns County, GA; d: 07 MAY 1973, Lodi, Medina County, OH;
    m: Zeb Vance Reece on 07 SEP 1924; Burial: Greenlawn Cemetery, Perrysville, OH.
  5. Georgia McClure – b: 24 NOV 1902; Towns County, GA; d: 06 MAR 1996, Cherokee County, NC; Murphy Nursing
    Home; m: Harley Luther Hoyle, picture
  6. Daisie McClure*b: 03 OCT 1905; d: 18 JAN 1975; m: Marion Myers ( b: 4 SEP 1998; d: AUG 1983; Mae Myers’
    brother) picture
  7. Sarah Jane McClure – b: 23 MAY 1907(America’s bio says 1908, headstone says 22 May and is probably incorrect), d:
    11 JULY 1988; m: Carter Burns
  8. Mable McClure b: 16 MAR 1913; d: MAR 2001, Ashville NC; m: Ham Scroggs on 05 AUG 1928 (b: 31 AUG 1900)
  9. Savannah Fannie McClureb: 23 NOV 1917, d: 13 AUG 2007, Murphy, Cherokee County, NC, Murphy Nursing Home;
    m: Ezekial “Lee” Chastain (b: 05 FEB 1915; d: 08 MAY 1988, Hayesville, Clay County, NC; son of Swan Boal Chastain
    and Eva L. Martin)
And in Closing
H. E. McClure
Henry Alexander McClure
America and Henry McClure

Old Union Baptist Church Cemetery,
Young Harris, GA
Transcript of newspaper article published with photograph in the Ashville Times on Friday, Dec. 16, 1949 on the event of Henry
and America McClure’s 60th Wedding Anniversary.

It read:

CELEBRATE ANNIVERSARY – Mr. and Mrs. H. E. McClure of Brasstown [NC], who celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary
Monday, are visiting their daughter, Mrs. H. H. Scroggs [Mabel] of 387 South French Broad Avenue. Mr. McClure, a retired farmer,
is 82 years old, and Mrs. McClure is 76.  Natives of Georgia, they have lived in North Carolina for 26 years. They have seven
daughters, one son, 40 grandchildren and 10 great-grandchildren.  Other children are Mrs. H. L. Hoyle [Georgie] of Ashville, Mrs.
Birdie Evans, Murphy, Mrs. Zeb Reece [Vallie], Akron, Ohio, Mrs. Marion Myers [Daisie], Mrs. Lee Chastain [Savannah] of
Hayesvile, Mrs. Sarah Burns of Cummins, Ga., and Tom McClure, Akron.

Note: Census pages and other documentation bear witness that they lived in Georgia and between 1920 and 1930 moved to
North Carolina (this article says it was about 1923).  It also lists all of the known children, all still living at the time, except Etta who
died very young.

October 2103 From Doris Andersen (Donald Earnest McClure's daughter)
Provided by Doris

(Donald Earnest
    Both are buried in Old Union Baptist Church Cemetery , Towns County, Georgia [some information comes via
    North Carolina Deaths, 1931-1994]. His headstone reads only H.E. McClure.  Many times in the past the ‘A’
    morphed to an ‘E’, as was also the case with his father.  
For photos of Henry and
America click
*1930 Ohio Census that shows the Daisy McClure
and I also found her husband, Marion Myers,
Draft Card

There are also more pages of these folks on Henry McClure Photo Page
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satellite view of the area today.
In January of 2016 as I began to dive back into my work and update things that had come my way a McClure cousin
(Kathy Gibby) sent me this lovely article from OUR STATE - North Carolina's magazine.  Dated October 4, 1941, it
mentioned our Henry and America renting the house where noted baptist theologian. George W. Truett, was born and
lived.  It was 3 miles west of Hayesville and owned at the time by the State Baptist Convention. Henry's picture and a
picture of the house along with a terrific interview with him and son-in-law,. Dow Evans is included.  Click
here to see the
PDF of the article.
George W. Truett house
America was the daughter of Penelope “Nellie” Caldwell and John S. Daniel.  She was born on January 14, 1873, (Per
death certificate
) and died on December 11, 1955; in Hayesville, Clay County NC. Old family bibles spell Nellie’s maiden
name as Carvell, Carver, or Colwell.

Both are buried in Old Union Cemetery, Towns County, Georgia
[some information comes via North Carolina Deaths,
. His headstone reads only H.E. McClure.  Many times in the past the ‘A’ morphed to an ‘E’, as was also the
case with his father.