Daniel Reece (Anthony3, Johann Valentine2, Johan Jacob Ries1)  was born in 1799 in Ashe County, NC
and died after June of 1880 Haywood County, NC .  He married Selia-Susannah Green.  She was the
daughter of Jeremiah Green and Catherine Hagaman. She was born between 1809-1912 (per
1850/1860 census) and died in North Carolina between 1880 and 1900. Daniel is my ggg grandfather.
Tracking our Ancestor
Column headings for all census years can be found here.
Column headings for all census years can be found here.
Note: A’ Daniel Reece’ was listed in the 1820 Ashe County Census is most likely his Uncle. I also found a
Daniel Rease in the 1820 Surry County NC Census in Capt Winfreys District.  However, other research
appears to lend credence that neither is the correct Daniel, because I believe he was still at home helping
his father on the farm. See his father,  
Anthony’s, page.
Daniel Reece’s family first appears on Line 9 of the 1830 Haywood County, NC  census.   The columns    
The columns (James and
1830 Haywood County, NC  Jeremiah) one is a little girl (Rebecca).  It shows that
he is between 30 and 39 and his wife Jeremiah) one is a little girl (Rebecca).  It shows that he is between
30 and 39 and his wife between 20 between 20 and 29 years of age. His father, Anthony, and older
brother, Enoch, also appear on this
I located a Dan Reece on Line 11 of the 1840 Census in Buncombe County, NC; Buncombe became
Haywood County so this has a strong possibility of being the correct family.  It shows 1 male under 10
(Jeremiah), 1 male 5-10 (unknown), 1 male 10-15 (James), and one male 40-60 (Daniel), Along with 1
female under 5 (probably Rebecca but I think its in the wrong column), one female 30-40 (Sara).
In 1850 they show up on Line 14 of the Buncombe County, NC Census. Daniel is by now 50 years oldyears
old and Suzanna is 38 (her age possibly incorrect) and listed are children James (21), Jerry/Jeremiah (15),
John “JV” (9-should be 7), William (Whitted G) (4), and Julius (2).
In 1860 they live back in Haywood County and are on Line 34 of the Census for that year. Daniel shows
as being 50 (a misprint- it should say 60), Suzana is now said to be 51 (Which probably means the 1850
census date is off, this age for her is consistent with future dates) Census are not known for their
accuracy, the best we can do is check against other years and go by other household members).

However the children’s names are correct for this family, listed are:  Jerry/Jeremiah (25), John (16)
Green/William (14), Juliaus (12) and Virgil (5).  
On Line 3 of the Haywood County NC 1870 Census it lists Daniel Reece as now 71 years old, his wife’s
name has morphed yet again and is now Susan.  She is recorded as being 61 and Virgil is still at home
and age 15.
Both Daniel and Susan Reece, now 80 and 71 respectively are listed on Line 45 of the 1880 County
Census which was taken in June of that year. Daniel’s occupation is now listed as a Wagon maker.  Daniel’
s son, my great great grandfather, Rev. John Valentine Reece is listed with his family on the same census

census page.
  1. Rebecca Reece - b: 15 DEC 1829, Haywood County, NC; d: 30 DEC 1894, Clay County, MO;
    m: Moses Norris on 06 APR, 1847, in Haywood County, NC. She is buried in Shady Grove
    Cemetery near Kearney MO
  2. Jeremiah “Jerry” Marcus Reece – b: 15 December 1834, Big East Fork, Crusoe, Haywood
    County, NC; d: 12 October 1918 ; buried in Bethel Community Cemetery, Haywood County,
    NC; m: Martha Louisa Sorrells on 28 February 1861, Haywood County, NC [per Haywood
    County Marriage Licenses 1857-1914]  (b: February 1831, Haywood County, NC; d: 1908)
  3. Rev. John Valentine Reeceb: 13 October 1843 (date is per headstone), Hominy, Haywood
    Co., NC; d: 01 June 1921
  4. Green William Reece b: 1846, NC; d: ca 1926; m: Martha Amelia Henderson (family)
  5. Julius Reeceb: 10 DEC 1849, d: 26 AUG 1931; m: Mary Ann Shephard (1852-1937). Both
    buried in Masonic Cemetery, Austin TX.
  6. Virgil K. Reece b: 1855 (or Virgil R.); m: Mattie :Martha" Wood
And In Closing - maybe
I do believe the birthdates discovered may require some further investigation.

On findagrave.com per the individual memorials - some of the children’s life spans are listed as:

Jeremiah Reece (1834 - 1918) (This information agrees with documentation I have found.)
John V. Reece (1843 - 1921) (This is what I show to be true)
Julius A Reece (1849 - 1931)  (verified per death certificate)

These FAG researchers do not even include James or Virgil. However others have made memorials
that do include the brothers.
I recently came across some links on findagrave (http://www.findagrave.com/cgi-bin/fg.cgi?
The contributor did a lot of work and there is a lot of information;
however, I feel some of it could be misinformation, parts may be just unverified supposition and yet
enough grains of truth are there that it bears investigation or at least a mention so further curious
relatives can do some digging. If you do a search yourself you will discover that they show Daniel
as buried in Arkansas and Seila-Susannah buried in Texas. I have been unable to verify that Daniel
ever left
Haywood County, NC. However, rumor has it that he died as the family traveled to Texas.

According to one administrator of several of these memorials, Daniel’s birth date was in 1808. I do
not agree. I have found other information that indicates his birth date may be June 4, 1799. The
1799 birth year is born out in numerous census records. The findagrave memorial that I located
says Daniel was born on June 4, 1799 and died Sep. 2, 1887(#
37452385). However, I do not know
what documentation shows the actual date. I have tried to contact this contributor with no success.

And he is supposedly buried in  
Vineyard Cemetery, Evansville, Washington County, Arkansas.  I
have been unable to contact the contributor to verify this information. I also found the same
information on an Ancestry.com search. But just can’t verify it at present. (photo below)
Regarding Susannah’s grave in the Masonic Cemetery. (Findagrave #42253724). There are few 1890
records available, so we cannot determine if Susannah (then age 81) is living with her son. The same
findagrave memorial also gives a birth date of March 12, 1809 and death date of September 2, 1897 for

1891 and died July 31, 1897. Even tho the headstone photo is not clear, I was told this was Susannah’s
they put a child in with her that died several months earlier and not place the stone until Susannah
passed? It has been told to me that the child is Seila's son, Julius’ daughter. A mystery indeed. If this is
the right lady. I will continue to seek proof or learn the story as the case may be.
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We have loads of information on John Valentine but little on his siblings.  So I thought to include
these bits of information in case you choose to follow down those paths.

Other information on the same findagrave memorial, as the above one for Susan, is Julius birth year
is reported to be in 1849 and his death on August 28, 1931 in Austin TX m: Mary Ann Shepherd
(February 22, 1852- Oct 23, 1937) and is buried, near Susannah, in Masonic Cemetery, Austin,
Travis County, Texas.  

It is also reported that Daniel and Susannah’s son, Green William (Will G), might be buried in the
Masonic Cemetery. However, as I have said, I have been unable to verify the information.

Odd fact, in the photo of Jeremiah Reece’s headstone, in Bethel Community Cemetery in Haywood
County there is a
Confederate Flag per North Carolina Civil War Vol XV I believe he was in the
same unit as his nephew, John Valentine Reece, Daniel's son.

Daniel and Susannah’s daughter, Rebecca (1835-1839) is also found in connection with these
findagrave memorials. She and her husband ended up buried in
Shady Grove Cemetery in Kearney,
Clay County, Missouri.
And that’s all I was able to find on
Daniel.  He didn’t leave much of a trail
for me to follow.  I would appreciate it if
you would share any information you
may have.
Unverified marriage is ca 1828 in Haywood County, NC, Unverified date of birth for Susannah is
Sept 2, 1997 and unverified date of death is June 4, 1799.
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To add to the mystery  of where he is buried check this out -

(this information is included on his father's page as well)

This link goes to a memorial created on findagrave:

A partial listing of the Reece Family Cemetery interments on Modock Road:

Reece, Christina Harmon
b. 1748 d. 1848

Reece, Daniel  
I do not think this is the correct Daniel for my lineage. Dates and info incorrect.
b. 1795 d. 1845

Reece, Hugh
b. 1810 d. unknown

Reece, Jacob
b. 1772 d. 1843

Reece, Joanna Eggers
b. unknown d. unknown

Reece, Johann Valentine Felty
b. 1750 d. Apr. 16, 1814

Reece, John
b. 1809 d. Jan. 5, 1905

Reece, Larkin
b. 1836 d. 1905

Reece, Lucreta Smith
b. unknown d. unknown
A different researcher mentions that Daniel was born on June 4, 1799 in Ashe County NC and died
on September 2, 1887 and is buried in Evansville, W. Ashington County, Arkansas. (see headstone
Recently I discovered information concerning an 1834 land grant; then I uncovered this image on
www.nclandgrants.com. I would like to get access to the actual documents, but they are not digitized and
reside in the NC Archives in Raleigh, NC.

State of North Carolina
File 326
G 187

Know ye that we have granted unto Daniel Reece fifty acres of land in Haywood County on the West side of
the Little East Fork of Pigeon River.  Beginning on a chestnut tree on the spur of the fork mountain and runs
West one hundred poles to a stake then South eighty poles to a stake thence East one hundred poles to a
stake thence to the beginning.  Entered the 11th of January 1831. To hold to the said Daniel Reece his
heirs and __ forever.  Dated the 19th of December 1834.
W_Hill Secretary                                        D.L. Swain
What an amazing find!  Courtesy of a
distant cousin - Barbara Reece Phillips -
I was gifted this stunning photo of
Susannah Green Reece, Wife of Daniel
Click on the photos (front and back shown)
for a larger view.
Moses Norris' youngest daughter, Nancy, ended up marrying one of The James Gang. Article
was written by Barbara Reece Phillips.