Before OUR Andrew McClure
    I found out that there was more to the story when I ran across the following website:
    I saved the page and left it at that for about a year.  (See above.) It showed me just a tantalizing bit of information that
    someone had traced the family tree back before Andrew.

    First I learned that Andrew’s father may have been John McClure.  According to this page, he was born around 1730 in
    Somerset PA and died on Aug. 17, 1804 in Broad River, Rutherford County, NC.  He was married to Nancy Young.  She
    was born on Apr. 9, 1724, Rowan County, NC and died in Broad River, Rutherford County, NC)

    Imagine how excited I was to find evidence of Andrew’s Grandparents!  One place mentions him as Richard John, but I
    don’t think it fits, as the name Richard is not a ‘family’ name.  So we see yet another John McClure.  He was born in 1699,
    in Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland and died in 1757 or 1777 (possibly in Carlisle, Cumberland County, PA.  He married
    Rachel Howe.  She was born about 1705, Philadelphia, PA.

    A year later, in 2012, I was wrapping up my research and just wanted to get a few more facts on the oldest generation I
    had on record I bumped into lots more information at:
    This was a family tree put on by Faith McClure and was a strong source for Pre-Andrew family information.  

    Wow!  I felt like I had hit the jackpot! Not only did this lady find Andrew’s father and grand father and the information was
    pretty darn close (see below) but she found 4 additional generations back! While a few dates were not in agreement, the
    vast majority of the researched matched.

    The general consensus is that post 1717 immigrants from Ireland were due to crop failures and increasing rent.  These
    were mainly Irish Catholics who had strong opinions with regards to religion.  There is some speculation that some were
    Scots-Irish.  This group settled in Pennsylvania then moved on to Virginia and the Carolinas.  I do not know which group
    our ancestors belonged to and so far have been unable to find them on any ships passenger lists.  This might bear some
    more looking into.  Some websites of interest are: or
    [hotos/scotsirish/ulster. Another view was that early Scotch and Irish immigrants were actually forced to emigrate because
    they were felons, or other such undesirables.  I did not locate our family name on any of the lists, such as those found in
    the Emigrants From Ireland to America 1735-1739.  But it is interesting.

    Another note said that a lot of the early immigrants from Ireland were indentured servants but I have found no indication
    that this was the case for our family.

    Here is what I found on Faith McClure’s family tree on

    I.        John McClure was born in 1630, Raphoe, 5300, Ireland (Northern) and died in 1705, Ballnashanagh, DC, Ireland
    (Southern). No wife was given on this tree, but on yet another page, appears he may have married Jenat __.  There is no
    last name shown for her and conflicting birth years.  One given as 1630 and the other as 1645 in Straiton, Ayrshire,
    Scotland.   Multiple sources say she passed the same year as her husband, John, 1705.

    II.        James Andrew McClure (son of John and Jenat) was born in 1650 in Raphoe, Donegal, Ireland and died* in 1732 in
    the Atlantic Ocean, New Jersey, USA.  James Andrew was married twice. Wife #1 was Janet McClure (born ca. 1650 in
    Milborne, Scotland). Wife #2 was Frances Ludlowe.  They married in 1712 in Mayenne Pays de la Loire, France.  She was
    born 1655 in Raphoe, Donegal, Ireland and died in 1738 in Mayenne Pays de la Loire, France.  

    According to Faith McClure/, he had 3 sons born the same year to one wife and a further set of twins to
    another.  I attempted to find documentation or verification, but was unable to do so at this time.

    III.        Robert McClure (son of James Andrew and Janet) was born in 1675 and died* in 1739 in the Atlantic Ocean, New
    Jersey, USA.  One place gives his residence as Pennsylvania. I could not locate his wife’s name. He may have had 2 sons
    the same year, but born in different countries – wonder what the story is there.   It is my opinion that he did not die during
    his initial crossing but may have left Scotland/Ireland in the late 1600’s because he did have a son born in Pennsylvania
    some years before his reported death.  Perhaps he was in an occupation that had him working out to sea.

    There must be more to the story of him and his father both dying in the Atlantic Ocean, in my research I found indications
    that the conditions aboard ship were pretty bad and many died due to illness and were either buried at sea or kept on
    board until the ship reached land. Some of the family must have made it though!

    IV.        John McClure (son of Robert) was born 1699/1700 in Philadelphia, Delaware County, PA.  Some sources have
    him as being born in Glasgow, Scotland, but I tend to believe that he was born in America and possibly died in Carlisle,
    Cumberland County, Pennsylvania in 1777. He married Rachel Howe.  She was born in 1705, in Philadelphia, Delaware
    County, PA.

    IV.        John McClure (son of John and Rachel) was born on Feb. 10, 1720 in York, PA and died on Aug. 17, 1804 in
    Broad River, Rutherford County, NC.  (This death date matches with the original information that started this whole search
    – see above).  John married twice.  First to Jane Fleming in 1740 and then to wife #2, Nancy Young, in 1750.  I have seen
    information for her listed as born on Apr. 9, 1724, in Rowan County, NC and died in Broad River, Rutherford County, NC).

    I found evidence of this John on another website as well. I believe this is our Andrew's father.  The interesting thing about
    this one is it gives our Andrew the middle name of Davis. I have not seen this information anywhere else. I am also
    attempting to discover where this information came from.  Wish me luck!

    I have located a John McClure on a 1790 Census in Rutherford County, NC he is in the third column, line 17 and shows
    the number 3 free white males, 0 males under 16, 2 females in the house, and no slaves for his family. This is possibly our
    family but no way to tell from this form.

    There is an Arthur, John, Richard, and John McClure on the 1800 Rutherford County, NC Census.  These names match
    the suspected siblings of our Andrew McClure. I think that Line 10 is the correct John, it seems to have a 'Sr.' notation and
    the column is checked for males over 45.

    Note: Rutherford County was created on 14 Apr 1779 from part of Burke and Tryon Counties.  But spawned Buncombe in
    1791, Clevelnd in 1841, McDowell in 1842, and Polk  in 1847. See 1850 North Carolina Census Index.

    * Both are reported to have died in the Atlantic Ocean off of NJ, but the Genealogical Society of NJ cannot help prove how or where.
    More searching is needed!

    Revolutionary war questions:

    Recovered from non-indexed files on are Revolutionary War documents that may be our Andrew’s father
    (#3918442) shows him as being in 2 Battalion Philadelphia County, PA.  John McClure appears on a muster roll of Capt
    Josiah Hart’s Company commanded by Robert Lewis Colonel of the 2d Battalion of Philadelphia County in the Manor of
    Moland. Roll dated Aug 8 1776.

    Which leads us to our Andrew (son of John and Nancy).  This tree showed different information for Andrew’s wife, Mary
    Wilson, that I have not been able to corroborate yet.  It gives her life span as 1751-1839.  

    A hit on an odd website may have located even yet another generation, back into the 1500’s of Scotland, but the names
    Halbert Samuel McClure and his wife Agnes Elizabeth McTavish are associated as being  (I.) John’s parents with a birth
    date of 1690 (60 years after (I.) John’s birth) or a birthday of 1596 (which might work).   

    These same two people, Halbert could also be (III.) Robert’s half-sibling as the son of Janet and James Andrew McClure.  
    There is information on Faith McClure’s tree that says this was the case and that Halbert was born in 1685 in Raphoe,
    5300, Ireland.

    The different family trees claiming this pair cannot seem to decide if they were born in Scotland, Northern Ireland, or
    Ireland.  Did Halbert die in Augusta Virginia on May 15, 1654 or in 1754? Or in 1761 as Faith supposes?   

    So until I get some sort of consensus.  I think I am leaving these two out of the mix for the time being.

    I sure wish I knew what documents led these folks to these first generations, but have not had any replies to my queries.

    As usual there was conflicting information and I have not seen any documents to back this up, I include it because it is
    fascinating and deserving of more research.

Rachel Howe’s family crest
    NOTE:   Ward McClure, who has been very helpful in my research has uncovered a path that might bear some
    additional research, certainly it would require more documentation before I admitted that all I had done in this section,
    and subsequently Andrew's pages, is totally incorrect.  

    I therefore will include his note to me on his page.  

    If you are curious and can find documentation to support the new family tree Before Our Andrew will certainly be
    changed to reflect that (both in print and here on the website,)  Granted most of what we gather from that far back is
    difficult to document and sometimes we have to go with our gut.