1748 - 1815
    Andrew McClure, who is considered the first verifiable McClure in America, was born on December 11,
    1748 and died May 15, 1815, in Franklin, Haywood County, NC. He married Mary Wilson on June 13, 1769
    (per NC Marriage Collection 1741-2004 on in Rowan County, NC. Mary was born in 1745
    (per US & Int’l Marriage Records lists) and died on June 22, 1839, Haywood County, NC.


    I recently found this handwritten version which has a bit more information

    Andrew is my 5 times great grandfather

    I have come across a different possible birth date for Mary Wilson McClure on Faith
    McClure’s family tree in (
    cfpid=1816071553). This source shows her life span as 1751-1839.  Yet another tree
    images from back then only show age ranges and tick marks.  So I am going with the 1745 year as it is
    shown on the source above.
    A statement from a Rootsweb page says “Andrew is found in the 1790 Census of Burke County, NC; also
    listed are 2 sons over sixteen, 5 under sixteen and 4 daughters”.

    But what I found on the actual 1790 Burke County NC Census on line 20 is difficult to read, but it appears
    to me to say that in the household were 3 males over 16 in the house (Andrew himself and two sons,
    Joseph and Thomas), 5 males under 16 (sons - John, Andrew, James, William and one unknown), and 5
    females (3 daughters, his wife, and possibly a housekeeper who was a free woman). The name is
    recorded as ‘Andw McClure’. The name and place matches the land grant information found in other
    documents.   Click here for Census column headings.

    I have located a John McClure, possibly OUR Andrew McClure's father, in the 1790 Rutherford County
Tracking our Ancestor
Cutout of 1790 Burke Co. NC Census.
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    Regarding county names and the areas they cover.  Per the 1850 NC Census Index in
    1779 Rutherford County was organized and created from Burke County. So even though
    the names of the counties changed, so someone could change counties and really never
    move from the area.
    Burke County issued two Land Grants to Andrew McClure, one in 1778 and the elsewhere and so I have
    provided my rational and some background information on these land grants in a separate article called
    Burke County Granville Land Grant 1778-

    Land Grants were issued, insofar as Burke County is concerned, by three authorities – The Crown
    (rarely, if at all), Granville’s Office (a few), and by the State of North Carolina, beginning in 1778
    (numerous). It is estimated that between 1778 and 1959, approximately 6,000 land grants were
    issued in Burke County. Of these, nearly half were issued between 1778 and 1800. You can read
    some background on these land grants at

    Andrew McClure appears on the 1800 Burke County NC Census on line 2. The top of the columns are cut
    off on my copy.

    I found a page that showed the column headings on and have placed the discovered that
    the column headers indicate that Andrew is over 45 years old. Mary is under 45. (This matches with the
    unverified birth dates for Andrew and Mary as shown above). They had 5 children still at home:  2 boys
    10-16 (James and William), 1 boy 16-26 (Andrew), as well as 1 girl under 10 (Mary) and one girl 16-26

    A paper written by Thomas McClure Jackson County, Sylva, NC on 9/5/2008 was sent to me in the fall of
    2011.  It is entitled 1800 Census NC.  It has the column headings and purportedly lists all known McClure’
    s and the area they lived, the number of people in the household and the head-of-household relationship
    to one another.  On this page Thomas and Joseph are listed as their own head of household.  There is a
    typo on this page which the actual census page will bear witness to.  The author (Thomas McClure) has
    left out a number 1 that should be in the <26 female column. Because upon further review, I have
    discovered even more discrepancies so be wary if you come across this page. I am not going to share
    this document at this time.

    Andrew appears on the last line of the 1810 Haywood County NC Census.  Column headings indicate two
    older adults (45+) and possibly a slave or other sort of helper (a female 16-26) in the household.  By now
    both Andrew and Mary would be in their 70’s.  His son, Thomas, is on line 18.
Cutout of 1800 Burke Co. NC Census. and column headings
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Cutout of 1810 Haywood County NC Census
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  1. John McClure, Sr. b: 28 Apr 1775 in Rowan County, NC; d: 21 APR 1840, Union County, GA; m: Sarah
    Cathey (b: 26 Dec 1784, Burke, County, NC)
  2. Joseph McClure – b: ca.1772 in Rowan County, NC; d: 1821, Cooper County, MO
  3. Nancy “Ann” McClure – b: ca. 1776, Rowan County, NC
  4. Andrew McClure, Jr. – b: 1780 Burke County,  NC; m#1: Deborah Akin (see 1850 Haywood County NC
  5. Margaret McClure – b: 1782 in Burke County, NC; m:  James Bradshaw (b: 1777, NC)
  6. William McClure, Sr. – b: ca. 1784, Burke County,  NC); d: ABT 1857, Macon County, NC; m#1: Nancy
    Strain; m#2: Elizabeth Jones
  7. James McClure – b: 27 Oct 1786, Burke County, NC; d: 13 JUN 1848, Holly Springs, Macon County, NC;
    m: Sarah Strain
  8. Mary McClure – b: 01 Jan 1791, Burke County, NC; d: 20 JUN 1845, Haywood County, NC; m: Peter
  9. Thomas McClure b: 1770, Rowan County, NC; d: 1856, Union County, GA; m#1: Unknown ca.
    1790/1791; m#2: Sarah Kirby Crawford on 25 OCT 1823, Haywood County, NC (b. in VA) [Info from]

Unverified: Additional children may be Polly
(b: 1799), Edith (b: 1793) and Jason.
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