Some of the things
I Don't Know.
Do you?

Things I don’t know or would like more documentation on:

1.        Image of 1834 McClure land settlement with McGee (McKee) Haywood County, NC

2.        What is the truth to the rumored Cherokee connection?

3.        Famous relatives and how they relate to my family:
    a.        Doug McClure
    b.        June Carter Cash
    c.        Alvis Edgar "Buck" Owens
    d.        Clyde "Red" Foley
    e.        Earl Scruggs

4.        Land records for
Thomas McClure, Haywood/Buncombe County, NC 1810-1820. Anything in Union County, GA?

5.        Documentation for
Before our Andrew McClure
    In 1790 there is an Andrew McClure on PA Muster Rolls 1776-1783 listed in 1778 Washington County, as a Private

Andrew McClure Revolutionary War Records

7.        McClure’s landed in Philadelphia on one of William Penn’s sponsored ships, a ship's manifest showing McClure’s landing few years prior to
    1700  would be nice.

8.        Record of
Andrew's Birth.  How do we know his birth date?

9.        Where were John and Margaret in 1880 census, in Colorado? If land patent records I have for a John in CO are the right guy, why would he be
          buried S of Pueblo if his 160 acres was NE of Denver?

John McClure’s death certificate, wife, Margaret ? Are there marriage records?

John Alexander (E.) civil war pension records – have index card. Files in Town Co GA?

12.        Check 1890 Military Vets Census (union Vets/widows) for JV Reece and John S. Daniel

John S. Daniel civil war records, have pension apps but NOT file (TN 2nd Inf, Irish Reg, Smiths 5th Cofed Inf, Co F)
         I need to Revisit App for more clues.
      CW grave marker incorrect.  I wrote notes to FAG memorial C. Garland #30362513 – both headstone and incorrect CW marker – no joy.
      I wrote to Jerry Hood who only showed incorrect CW marker #110991583 – no reply.
John S. Daniel page  -  I messaged Jerry Taylor from Union County waiting for reply  John Samuels DOB is 10-14-1832 - DOD 02-08-1925
        Who is James S. P. Daniel on Civil War marker?

14.    Still kind of bugs me that I cannot validate the statement that America's family first surfaced in an 1870 Census for Fannin County, GA.
      America (daughter) says she was born in Tennessee.

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ANYTHING on Texana Sharpe  Reece would be Wonderful!