Thomas Henry McClure
"Tinker Tom"
Union County, Georgia:  Track Rock Gap Road taken in August 1962.

The road to the left is Plott Town Road.

The bank of dirt at the lower part of the picture is the left side of the road

going back to Grandpa McClure’s farm now known as Stephens Road.

I was standing in Granny Plott’s yard when I took this photo.

To the left of Track Rock Road is where the house in which I was born

stood.  My Dad owned the farm now accessed by Stephens Road.

--Cousin Bill MC
Note:  This place was visited and re photographed in July 2012.  See Roads Traveled.
Thomas Henry McClure ("Tinker Tom") was born on 22 NOV 1891, in Pickens County, GA; and died
on 02 AUG 1969, Akron, Summit County, OH.  He is buried in Rose Hill Cemetery in Akron, OH near
his third wife, Mabel. Tom was the oldest son of my gr gr grandfather,
Henry Alexander McClure. I
believe that makes him my third cousin.

His lineage is:
Henry McClure5, John Alexander McClure4, John McClure3, Thomas McClure2, Andrew McClure1.  

Tinker Tom was married three times. First to Ethel Plott on 16 NOV 1913, in Towns County, GA (b:
07 NOV 1895, Plott Town, Towns County, GA). Ethel
died on 29 JAN 1931 in Young Harris, Towns  
County, GA.  Tom’s
second wife was Missouri "Mae" Myers (b: 05 APR 1903; d: 06 NOV 1991).  
They married in AUG 1931. She is
buried at Antioch Baptist Church, outside of Blairsville, GA with
her second husband Henry Brown.  The
third wife Tom took was Mabel Young-Bacher (b: 22 NOV
d: 1973) and they married February 14, 1950.
Children of Thomas Henry "Tinker Tom" McClure and Ethel Plott are:

  1. Jesse Lee McClure (twin of Genevieve) – b: 01 OCT 1914, GA; d: 08 OCT 1914, GA
  2. Genevieve “Jennie” McClure (twin of Jesse) – b: 01 OCT 1914, GA; d: 11 SEP 2006; m#1:
    Rosco Bryson; m#2: Wilhelm Edwin Pabst
  3. Chloe Oneida McClure – b: 14 JUL 1923, GA; d: 2009; m: James Earnest Anderson on 23
    AUG 1944, Laurens, County, SC
  4. Blanche McClure – b: 30 NOV 1926, Young Harris, Towns County, GA; m: Mabry Wyatt “Mac”
  5. Mozella McClure (twin of Earnest) – b:  20 JUL 1930, GA; d: 1989; m: ? Stutts
  6. Donald Earnest McClure (twin of Mozella) – b: 20 JUL 1930, GA; d: 19 APR 1964 in Klamath
    River, Siskiyou County, CA, buried Golden Gate National Cemetery, San Bruno, CA; m: Hisako

Children of Thomas Henry "Tinker Tom" McClure and “Mae” Myers McClure are:

  1. Raymond Buford “Bill” McClureb: 1933, Blairsville, Union County, GA

Note on Mae Myers: Her brother, Marion Myers, married Daisy McClure, who was one of Henry
Alexander McClure's daughters.

Tom didn't have any children with his last wife, Mabel Young.

Notes on Mabel Young: According to Ohio Marriages her father was Charles and her mother was
Mary Elizabeth Bauer. She was born 22 NOV 1892.

The stories told on this page come from emails I received from his son, Buford "Bill"McClure.
Bill was born at home in 1933 when the family was living on Track Rock Road near the intersection of
Plot Town Road (in Union County) Blairsville, GA. (photo above) also see
Roads Traveled for more.

In 2011, "Bill" said:

Ethel [first wife] was burned to death at the house on Track Rock Road [January 1931]. Tom came
home for lunch and found her dead. Chloe, Blanche, Mozella and Earnest were in the house when
this occurred. It is believed that Ethel was near the fireplace and turned around and her dress
caught fire and she could not get it off or put out the fire.
Back Row:
Eula Ray Burns (daughter of Allen and Edna Plott Burns, Edna  Burns was Ethel Plott's sister), Jennie McClure
Pabst (daughter of Thomas McClure and Ethel Plott McClure),
Chloe McClure (sister to Jennie McClure and daughter of Thomas McClure and Ethel Plott McClure)
Buck Burns (brother of Eula Ray Burns, children of Allen and Edna Plott Burns)

Second Row:
Oka Kay Plott (first cousin of Jennie & Chloe McClure and daughter of Guy Plott, brother of Ethel Plott McClure),
Mozella McClure and Ernest McClure (twin children of Thomas McClure and Ethel Plott McClure),

Third Row:
Vernon Burns (brother to Eula Ray and Buck Burns),
Blanche McClure (daughter of Thomas McClure and Ethel Plott McClure),
Max Plott (son of Guy Plott, first cousin of Ethel Plott)
Information regarding the picture above:

"The photo was taken in March 1931 in Young Harris, GA, a few days after the death of Ethel Plott
McClure, who was burned to death after she had a seizure and fell into the fire place.  She was
holding Ernest and Mozella and as you can see one of the twins has the mark on its forehead.  
Mozella, Ernest, Chloe, and Blanche were placed in an orphanage near Young Harris and grew up
in an orphanage in Santee, South Carolina."
All of Tom’s children except Jennie and went to the Orphans home in SC after Ethel died. Tom
married Mae in August the same year [1931].

"Tom was his actual name but he took Thomas H. for convenience. Mae was born Missouri but
hated to be called “Zure” and took the name “Mae”.”

At some point in his early years Tom was employed as a prison guard. For a time, before 1931,
“Tinker Tom” taught school at Zion in Union County.

“I did start to school in a one room school house with grades from the Primmer (grade before 1st
grade) to 6th grade. The class in session would come to the front of the room and sit on a bench.  

The school was located just below Zion Methodist Church (which is still in use) on left side of the
road a short distance from intersection of Track Rock Road and Blairsville Hwy.  The school was
closed in 1942 and all its students were transferred to the School in Blairsville.   We were bussed
from intersection of Track Rock Road and Blairsville Hwy to Blairsville.  Some children had to walk a
great distance to get to the bus stop.”  

In the early days, most kids were bought a pair of shoes to start school and wore them out by
spring. Bill recalls going barefoot in the summer after his shoes wore out.  It was really difficult
picking blackberries while barefoot, especially with all the snakes in Union County.

After his stint at teaching, Tom had a store in Jacksonville, GA (now part of Young Harris) in the
years surrounding 1933 until around 1939. It was a general store with candy, dry goods, mostly
canned food and a gas pump (Sinclair).  There was also a pen to hold chickens brought in to
barter.  A corner section was occupied by a cobbler shop which was run by a very nice old man with
a white beard.  

He then sold the store and peddled syrup (sorghum) and apples.  He had a Tarraplane pickup
truck (built by Hudson 1932-1938) in 1933 and in 1939 he gave it to the orphans home (which
closed shortly afterwards).  

Children in the old home were moved to a home in Clinton SC, where they stayed until they were
old enough to do for themselves.  
“I recall that Dad, Mom and I visited both orphans’ homes a few
times.  Chloe, Blanchie and Mozella got married and (Donald)Earnest came to Ohio to live with us
for awhile.  Then he joined the Army.”  

After Tom gave away the pickup truck he bought a new black Chevy Pickup Truck, which he used
to do his peddling.  

The family also raised corn, beans and wheat on the farm.  Mae always had a large garden and did
lots of canning.  She also took Bill to church either to Zion Methodist (which always had afternoon
services) or Old Union Baptist.  

Since the family did not have a radio, Bill recalls it was several days after 7 Dec 1941 that they got
the news of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.

Around 1942, Mae went to Akron Ohio, to get a job. Tom and Bill stayed on the farm until he sold it
in late 1942.  Tom then went to Akron to get a job and sent Bill to live with Grandpa and Grandma
McClure (Henry and America) who lived near Hayesville, NC.

Tinker Tom and Mae both worked at Firestone during the 1940’s and retired from there.  He cut
part of one finger off at work.  

No information is available to determine when Tom and Mae split up, but it was evidently while they
were working in Akron.

Bill had the following information:

“Tom and I were living in a boarding house in Akron, OH and he moved out in 1950 [probably when
he married Mabel. Tinker Tom and Mabel Young Bacher were married on February 14, 1950] and I
was left high and dry. [I] had to call my mother to come and stay with me.  We got an apartment and
I continued to attend High School until Feb 1951 when I joined the Marine Corps and went to Parris
Island, SC.  My mother went back to Gainesville, GA. Tom and Mabel continued to live in Akron,

“And of course he had three wives, but not at the same time.”

More fun stories from “Bill” on his own page.  Raymond Buford “Bill” McClure.
More great stories from "Bill":
"Tinker Tom" Thomas McClure -
Age 21 (ca. 1917)
The original photo is 15" by 19"
and was given to Marie Pabst Adams by Great
Aunt Savannah McClure Chastain in the mid
She kept it in her basement for many
years and the original is in poor condition.   
He was born in 1896.
Click on pictures to see larger
Jenny McClure (Tom's dau.),
Birdie McClure (Tom's sister),
Tom McClure
Jolly Miller (Birdie's son m#1)

Faye Evans (Birdie's dau m#2),
Blanch McClure (Tom's dau)

taken ca. 1926-27, same day as
McClure Reunion.
Tinker Tom McClure ca. 1928
Thomas "Tinker Tom" McClure
ca. 1958
Tom and Mabel McClure
Tom and Ethel's Children:
Chloe McClure Age 2 Months and
Jennie McClure Pabst, Age 9.

Location:  Young Harris,GA
Jennie McClure Pabst

The original picture was colorized at
the time it was taken in Young Harris,
GA, on Track Rock Road.  
Jennie was 9 years old.  
Jennie McClure was born October 1,
1914 and she passed away on
September 11, 2006 at the age of 91
years, 11 months, and 11 days at 9:11
Great Aunt Savannah McClure
Chastain gave the picture to Marie
Pabst Adams in the mid 1990s.
Max McCrary (son of Blanche) and Blanche
McClure McCrary.  
The photo was taken on Max's wedding day.
Blanche is the daughter of 'Tinker Tom'
Thomas McClure
The information I have says that both Tom and Mabel McClure are buried in Rose Hill Burial Park
in Akron, Summit County, Ohio.   

Cousin Bill McClure says that Mabel is buried between Tom and her first husband who was a
Bacher.  I am trying to get a photo of her headstone.
And in closing:
Thomas H. McClure (Tinker Tom)
Rose Hill Burial Park, Akron, OH