Old Brasstown Cemetery
Young Harris, GA
This is a scan of a page from a book I just discovered entitled “Towns County Georgia
Cemeteries by Ted O. Brooke, 1996.  The notes were made by an Uncle who provided me with
the scanned pages. Click the thumbnail for a full size photo.
Elisha Townsend and Sara Caroline Townsend (parents of Martha) wife of John Alexander McClure
Relatives buried here include:
Edea C McClure, wife of William H. McClure (who was of the following line:   Andrew McClure, Thomas, McClure, Andrew
McClure, Joseph McClure)
is listed in the above thumbnail/list. However, I was unable to find a jpg of her headstone.  
Her husband was not buried with her.

Llewellyn Jackson “LJ” McClure and Elizabeth AJ Cathey McClure:
He was of the line of
Andrew, John Sr.and David McClure.
James Doyle McClure (son of LJ and second wife, Mollie Cunningham) and wife Gertrude:
Emaline McClure, daughter of LJ and first wife Elizabeth; and wife of  W. P. "Minter" Morgan:

The story says that on March 4, 1901 lightening struck the Morgan home killing Emaline and her two sons
(William Carl and Soffa Vaughn).