Rev. John Valentine Reece
Confederate Soldier
Pension Documents
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July 3, 1911, 46 years after his discharge, John V. Reece made a Soldier’s Application for
Pension to the State of North Carolina.  This first application was ‘Disallowed’, but does give us
some insight into his general health. The doctor who made the statement for John (R.V. McClure,
MD) made this statement:  
“I have this day examined Mr. John V. Reece and find disability due to
manual labor on the account of rheumatism, kidney trouble and scurvy – contracted while in
prison at Chicago, Ill at Camp Douglas….”
Perhaps the oddest item on the application is the mysterious statement on his Soldier’s Application for Pension of

In the part -- where his witness (J.B. Mease, who resides in Hayesville) is attesting to the fact that he knows who
John V. Reece is and that he was in the Civil War – there is a hand written note to the effect
“J.V. Reece, whose
name appears on the Roster J. N. Reece and marked killed”.
 Evidently that’s why he was denied his first application
and they had to straighten it out.

This time, on July 1st, 1912 Dr. J. M. Sullivan, M.D. lists more conditions, that are difficult to read, but doesn’t sound
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1911 Pension Application
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1912 Pension Application
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In the Centennial of Haywood County, the following remarks appear on page 30.

portion of the time, they were offered the oath of allegiance to the United States and with it freedom, but they
indignantly refused each time it was offered.  Human history furnishes few examples of higher tests of loyalty
than this.”
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If you are interested in getting copies of Civil War Pension files, you can submit natf-85.
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Archival Operations Washington D.C.,
Form 85 – Pension, National Archives and Records Administration,
700 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20408-0001;

or you can go to and request them online.

You will need some basic information, such as their company, enlistment dates, etc.  Minimum charge is
around $80. If anyone ever orders this pension file, please share it with me.  I would very much
appreciate it!
The link to his time in Camp Douglas as a Civil War POW is HERE and at the top of this page
And photos of his drum from Company F is on the